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  1. magesh85

    WTB : Looking for Edifier or Swan bookshelf speakers

    Hi Guys, I am looking for Bookshelf Speakers (or 2.1). Specifically looking for Edifier R1280 or Swan d1010. or something in the range of 5k. Cheers!!!
  2. magesh85

    120gb ssd

    Hi guys, Looking for a 120gb ssd with good health. My location is Chennai. Cheers!!!!
  3. magesh85

    Looking for RGB fans

    Hi, Am looking for some rgb fans with good air flow. Cheers!!!!!
  4. magesh85

    WTB: FiiO e10k.

    Hi, I am looking for FiiO e10k.. Ping me if you have one to spare. Cheers!!!!!
  5. magesh85

    Looking for a Oneplus 5

    Hi Guys, Looking for a Oneplus 5 in the range of 20000 preferably in warranty. PM me with your offers Cheers!!!!!
  6. magesh85

    Camera Need a point and shoot camera within 15000 budget

    Hi Guys, Posting it on behalf of my sister. Looking for a point and shoot with a budget of 15000 What's your budget? 15,000 Camera type? Point and Shoot Body Style? Compact How much zoom do you want/expect? Not Much, its majorily for landscape shots during trips and occasional selfie kind...
  7. magesh85

    FS: Others Raspberry Pi Model B

    Pi3 been lying around for sometime now. I hardly used it for a month as i found out that i can install kodi in my laptop. I have Raspberry pi 3 case along with pi3 and also i bought the heat sinks. For chennai buyers, if we can agree to a hand to hand deal could knock off shipping charges...
  8. magesh85

    PC Peripherals Cheapest backlit keyboard?

    Hi guys, Could you suggest some cheapest backlit keyboards preferably under 1k. Cheers.
  9. magesh85

    [Closed]Combo of Ryzen 5 1600, Gigabyte Gaming 3 motherboard and Corsair Vengenance 16 gb 2400 Mhz

    Hi, I recently bought a Ryzen 5 1600, Gigabyte Gaming 3 Board and Corsair Vengenance 16 GB from Vasim. Creating this Thread to leave a feedback. Mods, Please close this thread if you feel this inappropriate. I will be closing this thread once i leave the feedback.
  10. magesh85

    Budget 41-50k Need Suggestion on the below build

    Hi guys, I kindly need your suggestion on the below build. Is there anything i can switch to or change the build.
  11. magesh85

    Interested in buying 50 mm 1.8G for Nikon D5200 for Rs. 5000(Negotiable)

    Hi Guys, I like to buy 50 mm 1.8G lens for my Nikon D5200 for 5000 rupees (Negotiable) Cheers!!!
  12. magesh85

    Budget 31-40k Budget rig for Maya

    Hi Guys, This for a friend of mine. He is working in Animation industry primarly in Maya Software. Is it possible to build a Rig for 35k via which we can run Maya ? Questions What is your budget? 35K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and...
  13. magesh85

    FS: Photography Nikon AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D

    Hi Guys, I like to sell Nikon AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D lens in very good state. I have been using my 35mm 1.8G lens with my D5200. Hence selling this lens for 3500. Ping me if interested.
  14. magesh85

    Budget 5-10K Mobile under 10k for Dad

    Hi Guys, Looking for a mobile under 10k for my dad. Looking for a smaller screen with bigger battery Questions:- 1. Budget? A: Below INR 10K 2. Preferred display size, type and resolution? A: 4.7"-5", IPS LCD/AMOLED, FHD and above 3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with version), iOS...
  15. magesh85

    Budget 41-50k A New Rig from scratch

    Hi Guys, My 10 year old Acer laptop just died. so, I am planing to build my first Desktop rig. I heard about Ryzen and is it even possible to build one in this budget range or i rather go with the tested Intel. This is the big question goin on in my mind for some time now. Hope experts here...
  16. magesh85

    Camera Things to check out when buying second hand DSLR lens

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy a zoom used lens and prime used lens. I am planning to take my camera with me to take some snaps and see how it comes out. Apart from that, what are the things i need to check when buying second hand DSLR lens. cheers!!!!
  17. magesh85

    Need, suggestion for Modem+Router for BSNL Broadband connection

    Hi Guys, I am going to get BSNL Broadband connection. They have asked me to buy the Wifi Router. 1. I need to get a modem+Router, correct? 2. Can you suggest a Good Modem+Router for BSNL.. Cheers!!!!!
  18. magesh85

    Amazon App Treasure Hunt Game

    Hi guys, I did not found a thread for this. so i have started this. Amazon have this treasure hunt game, if we can guess the product correctly, we can get the product for 1 rupee. Hope some people will get benefit from this. (between i was not sure as to where to start this thread, so please...
  19. magesh85

    Android One Plus Two issues

    Hi Guys, Thanks to TE, i was able to get my hand on One plus Two. I know lot of people are there like me. But i did not find any thread for 1+2 issues. So iam starting this thread. Moderators, please move it if this is not in the right sections. From yesterday night, my Facebook is having...
  20. magesh85

    Budget 31-40k New Gaming Rig For 35 K and where to buy in Chennai

    Hi Guys, I am from chennai. I am looking for my first Gaming Rig for 35 K. I have been living with my friends, so i never used to own a PC. Now that i am staying alone, i like to buy a PC. Mostly i will be playing Watchdogs, COD, Batman such games. Please suggest me a Configuration for 35K...