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    AC recommendation

    Hi guys, I am from Hyderabad. My bedroom is of size 16 x 12 x 10. Last year, I made a mistake of buying Voltas 1.25 Ton 5 star AC because the price was great. Days later, I realised that the cooling wasn't sufficient and / or takes very long time to cool. I stay on the top-most floor and the...
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    PC Peripherals First time printer buyer: Advice needed

    Hi folks, I am looking to buy a printer for the first time, for home usage. My requirements are these: - It should support printing from a Mac / iPhone / iPad wirelessly - I will be printing about 10 pages per month - It should support copy and scan functions as well - It should allow me to...
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    Galaxy Nexus Display review

    More details and the review is here - Galaxy Nexus with curved 4.65" OLED display - FlatpanelsHD
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    Car & Bike First car buying choice - VW Polo Petrol or any other hatchback?

    Hi guys, I am going to buy my first car soon. I need your valid inputs. My budget is 6L off the road and can go 50k extra if required. My requirements: 1. Good build and great interiors preferably spacious (at least on the front). 2. Good ride quality. 3. Fuel efficient. 4. City driving...
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    desire s vs sgs 2 vs iphone 4

    Hi, I am confused between htc desire s and sgs 2. i really like iphone 4 build, apps ecosystem, usability in general. but, i have to wait few more days or weeks for iphone 4 to launch in india and the phone is already a year old. desire s and sgs 2 look great alternative and come with 'new'...
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    To upgrade entire PC or just get a new graphics card? Budget 40k.

    Hi guys, I am not sure whether to upgrade my current components or just upgrade to a better graphics card. So, I am following the template. Thank you! 1. Q: What is your budget? 1. 40K 2. Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and...
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    Advice: Laptop under 50k with a 15 or 16" full HD 1080p

    Hi friends, My friend from Hyderabad is looking to buy a laptop for heavy development use, movies and casual gaming. His initial idea was to buy this model - VPCEB16FG : E Series : VAIO It seems the above model or models with 15/16" displays with 1080p have a shortage :huh:! So, he is...
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    PC Peripherals Help: Logitech MX518 or SteelSeries Ikari?

    I play First Person Shooters mostly - TF2, UT3, CSS etc. I am confused whether to go for Logitech MX518, a popular choice here or SteelSeries Ikari which many guys recommended it for it's superior tracking. What do you guys think? Does Ikari really have better tracking than MX518? The other...