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  1. cellar_door

    FS: Others Maono AU-404 Dual Lavalier Microphone

    I am interested. Need a quick clarification though, is it one mic or two? The amazon product description shows two, your pic shows one.
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    WTB Dead Intel processors (will compensate!)

    I have an Intel C2D E7200 IIRC somewhere. Working last I checked. You can have it, just pay the shipping. Or pick it up for free from Chiragh Delhi. Let me know if you want it. Gonna have to look for it cause I might have lost it in the junk pile lol.
  3. cellar_door

    What watch are you wearing today???

    Any tips on picking up an old HMT? Nothing expensive. What should I look for? What price would be fair?
  4. cellar_door

    FS: Games NEW PC Games --- Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 & The Division 2
  5. cellar_door

    FS: Games NEW PC Games --- Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 & The Division 2

    Just FYI Division 2 is 18USD on Epicgames store right now. ~ 1250Rs.
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    FS: Tablet iPad Mini 4 16GB LTE/Cellular with box

    Ping me the price as well. My cousin is looking for one.
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    Pulwama attack

    So to sum it up - We have no proof of hitting anything in the original strike. We lost planes and pilots. Imran Khan looks like a peace loving stand up guy internationally. TV channels are calling this a massive win. I miss anything?
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    FS: Games US PSN Digital code $50

    Bump. Price drop. 2800 for the $50 USD code.
  9. cellar_door

    FS: Games US PSN Digital code $50

    I bought this 50 USD PSN US code for someone but they dont need it anymore. So I am selling it. I paid 50 USD for it ~ 3500. Willing to let it go for 3000. Please note - 1 It is a digital code. 2 It will only work on US PSN Accounts. IT WILL NOT WORK ON INDIAN PSN ACCOUNT! 3 I would...
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    FS: Games Bunch of PC Games

    Is it the full version of Revelations or just the first chapter? Edit. Sorry confused it with 2, ignore my post.
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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    I am getting a 1060 3GB. Should be enough for 144Hz I think. Sorry, I think I phrased that poorly. I meant what price I should aim for when I am selling the 960 lol.
  12. cellar_door

    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    Got my MSI 960 2GB back from RMA. Still has warranty left of about 8-10 months. Got a new monitor so need to upgrade. Any idea what I should be aiming for?
  13. cellar_door

    BJP Backs Biplab Deb's 'Duck Theory', Says There Is Scientific Evidence

    This is like Charlie from Always sunny explaining how stars are made. Also kinda inspiring. You dont have to be intelligent to make it in life. Look at this little genius. He thinks without ducks we have to artificially aerate the water (probably by blowing into it with our mouth) and he is a...
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    Computer cleaning

    ^^Same. I used this - And a microfibre cloth. Vaccum is a no no. Same for Hair dryer. Compressed air cans are expensive.
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    OC & Modding Help me RGBfy my PC.

    Thing is, I already have a strip. I would prefer to just get a connector or a converter.
  16. cellar_door

    OC & Modding Help me RGBfy my PC.

    Ok. So I started a project to clean up my PC case/monitor and make it all pretty. To get started, I figured I would pick up some RGB LED strips and see how it went. Problem is the LED strip I picked up has this connector (See image attached). That connector connects to a power cable so you can...
  17. cellar_door

    Saw this on reddit about M&M XUV

    Here is a helpful clip explaining the situation on how vehicle companies deal with this. :P