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    Robotic vaccum cleaner

    i am interested in this as well. My use case is, i have a 1 bedroom small apartment which will be vacant most of the time, until fly visits which is probably once a month. So i want the apartment to be cleaned everyday, so that whenever we visit the rooms are relatively clean. Also the Robo...
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    Advice for buying a tablet- Surface Go or iPad Mini/Air

    I have been using the Latest Samsung Tab 6 for last few months and I find it very very useable to it being very close to a laptop replacement if one does frequent emailing, word processing and catching up with movies /reading at other times. Its quite smooth with no lag. I have always used Ipads...
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    Full Home Automation - For Peanuts

    I am using 6 Lifx bulbs since almost a month, not faced any kind of disconnection so far. Iam using it with Smartthings and google home.
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    Full Home Automation - For Peanuts Just spoke to the guy over there, he has Zwave and zigbee compatible motors, but he said, we need to configure it to make it work with an existing system. I am not sure how does that work. Maybe u could understand better from him.I had a chat...
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    Full Home Automation - For Peanuts

    Will Check. Does anybody have any details of Motorised Curtain provider available in India/Mumbai.
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    Full Home Automation - For Peanuts

    Never knew they were Alexa compatible! I had spoken to them for the same and asked if they will be compatible with Echo or Google Home ect. they could not answer that at that time. If they can be voice operated, nothing like it.
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    Full Home Automation - For Peanuts

    I had ordered 5 , paid 20$ shipping + 3K customs. I could not find them in Amazon global, do u have link. Thanks.
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    Full Home Automation - For Peanuts

    Received my lifx lights, had to pay 3100 as customs! Have got a small working setup at home now, works good with google home, smartthings, couple of ihome smart plugs , and lifx as of now. Looking to add few more motion sensors.
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    Full Home Automation - For Peanuts

    I am also thinking of getting the Lifx. We can order it online from their site, they are charging flat 20$ for the shipping. This works out to be cheaper I guess. They are offering discounted rates for a limited time on their site. I was just wondering if we would be charged customs here for the...
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    42 inch HDTV suggestion

    Great choice! Even I have the same model, brought 15 days back for 53k from navi mumbai. The tv is really awesome!
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    MTNL Mumbai quietly shifts DSL unlimit 450 plan to 512kbps all time

    Checked today, the speed was automatically upgraded to 1mbps after 6 PM, did not have to restart!
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    Android I bought the new... Sony Xperia Z1

    Congrats! Iam seriously considering this phone to replace my note2. I want a phone with a better camera.
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    The Android tablet thread

    I use Moon+ for ebooks and EZpdf reader for pdf magz and stuff. Both apps are great.
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Dark Knight rises – 4/10
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    Get free samples

    Got the fusion razor, olay and the Ariel free sample yesterday! Had ordered in the month of April.
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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    I want to sell my Ipad 2 16 gb , wifi brought in Feb 2012. how much can i expect?
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    The Motorola Defy Thread

    Need help guys! I was on CM7.2 RC3 and I tried to flash CM9, followed all the steps as mentioned on the XDA site. (latest CM9 nightly + 2.3 kernel + gapps) After flashing and rebooting the phone, it is stuck in the google logo since then and not going further! removed the battery for some time ...
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    The Fitness Thread !

    ^^ thanks for the link..will check it out. @kippu ..The Idea of loosing weight was in the hope that I will reduce my tummy as well! Alas! my weight reduced the tummy did not. So have now started strength training.
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    The Fitness Thread !

    Right now I am using my society Gym (very basic). I do shoulder and chest pulley (not sure if I have used the names rightly) and lift weights using 5-5 kg dumbbells and about 30 sit-ups. 10 X 3. I am still learning in terms of strength training exercise and looking to improve upon them. Also If...
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    The Fitness Thread !

    I am 166 cms and weigh (now) 59.5 Kg..I was 64 kg about 3 - 4 months back. To reduce weight, I am Walking/Running daily for about 60 minutes daily. I run/walk for about 8 kms. Started with 4 kms and now doing 8 kms on a daily basis. Along with the cardio , i do bit (about 20 minutes ) of...