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  1. axeman

    WTB 12/13/14" Windows Laptop

    Want to buy a 12/13/14" Windows Laptop, should have at least Core M/ i3, HD screen. Reply here or PM if available. Location: Ahmedabad
  2. axeman

    Core Temp

    Doesnt work for the latest i7 mobile cpu's at least. Had to use the new released build of speedfan for these.
  3. axeman

    Camera What is the average life of a digital camera?

    You want a camera to last that long - you need something like a mirrorless unit/ something without many moving parts. BTW, I have a Canon Powershot S45 bought in Tokyo mid 2003, and it still works perfectly fine. Batteries however do not last so long...
  4. axeman

    Camera Fungus in lens. Help.

    1. Coatings DO get affected, you will be able to see this. The reason is that the fungus actually grows on the organic matter in the coating and eats it away. So if you have a spider/ dot type fungus, you will be able to see where it was after cleaning it out. The recommended way to sort this is...
  5. axeman

    never been to a amusement park in NCR , which is the best one ?

    Parliament house is highly rated. Do go only when the proverbial Pappu decides to show up.
  6. axeman

    Camera Fungus in lens. Help.

    No. Fungus is not covered in warranty. You need to invest in a dry box to avoid this occuring fast again. Your best option is - service the affected lens along with the body on which it is used (Not just CMOS cleaning), so that you can avoid spreading the fungus. This is a paid activity...
  7. axeman

    Budget 71-90K New Dell XPS13 - performance & International Warranty

    tag transfer is easy - but takes 2-3 weeks total.
  8. axeman

    Laptops Upgrading my Laptop: SSD or Ram?

    If you feel Apps/ Programs/ Tabs/ Data files take a long time to open up, the answer is SSD. Else, upgrade the RAM. But you should mention the budget you have in mind first.
  9. axeman

    WTB PC components (mass buyout!)

    Location? I have a CM690
  10. axeman

    Other Apple’s small flagship phone is a much-needed course correction

    At the India official launch price of 39,000 Rs, it is truly a no brainer must avoid device.
  11. axeman

    Budget 0-20k Laptop Screen/ Scratch Guards?

    Has anyone got a Laptop Screen Guard/ Scratch Guard for their laptops? Would you mind sharing cost and source? I have recently got a touch screen dell unit (inspiron 7359) and am looking for a matt/ anti glare guard, but unable to source such a thing. Already have had a round of Lamington road...
  12. axeman

    Storage Solutions NAS with independent access to disks

    Celeron NUC as a NAS? use usb 3.0 enclosures for connection, plus it has builtin gigabit lan.
  13. axeman

    Amazon India lightning deals

    You assume well.
  14. axeman

    Urgent Help : Hw to ask a Girl Out

    End result kya hua? Still waiting for 'tips'?
  15. axeman

    Two arrested for cheating Flipkart of Rs 51,590

    So, if 'M' defrauds FK like this, and before they get to know, divest the phone in the open market to person 'X', FK can't claim the phone back from 'X' or 'M'?
  16. axeman

    ICICI Bank ATM Cash withdraw dispute

    Finish the grievance first with the Bank. If not satisfied, approach the RBI Ombudsman.