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  1. axeman

    WTB 12/13/14" Windows Laptop

    Want to buy a 12/13/14" Windows Laptop, should have at least Core M/ i3, HD screen. Reply here or PM if available. Location: Ahmedabad
  2. axeman

    Budget 0-20k Laptop Screen/ Scratch Guards?

    Has anyone got a Laptop Screen Guard/ Scratch Guard for their laptops? Would you mind sharing cost and source? I have recently got a touch screen dell unit (inspiron 7359) and am looking for a matt/ anti glare guard, but unable to source such a thing. Already have had a round of Lamington road...
  3. axeman

    FS: Cabinets CM690 Side Window Cabinet + Accessories

    Item 1: Coolermaster CM690 Cabinet with Side Window - Original Model with Coolermaster 4-in-3 device module. Price: Rs. 4500 + shipping. Notes: The toolfree mechanism for HDD's has gone brittle and has broken up, hence the 4-in-3 device module to hold 3 HDD's easily. If you can get replacement...
  4. axeman

    FS: Others Genius Professional Toolkit - 1/4 Drive, Metric Size Sockets

    Well used, well taken care of toolkit. Bought in the USA for 35 USD, current price is 26 USD in sale. I am including a hex shank to 1/4" metric drive adapter as well. I used this kit with a Bosch cordless unit, you can use it with any cordless unit that supports hex drive/ 1/4" drive as well...
  5. axeman

    WTB Seagate 1TB HDD ST31000524AS

    Want to buy a Seagate 1 TB ST31000524AS specific model drive. PM me you drive details - Smart status and smart test/ quick test output. If you need a tool, use seatools or such. Will pay between 1900 - 2700 depending on condition and power-on hour count + power cycles it has been through.
  6. axeman

    WTB Xolo Q800 - Mumbai region

    Want to buy a properly working Xolo Q800 in or around Mumbai. Will offer between 3k-5k depending on condition. Drop a PM.
  7. axeman

    Budget 0-20k Coolermaster Elite 361 Conundrum

    I need help in building a new PC. My budget and requirements are as follows: Budget: Anything below 20K. Components from the existing setup that you intend to keep: ATX Motherboard & processor, Hard drives, SSDs Components that you have in mind for your new PC: Cooler master elite 361...
  8. axeman

    Camera Fake Hoya UV (N) HMC from Snapdeal (77 mm)

    I recently purchased a Hoya 77mm basic UV filter from Snapdeal as a 'protection from the elements' for the front of my lens. The element being a one year old infant who is the subject of intense photography right now. If you see the attached pictures, you will notice: 1. Grainy print on the...
  9. axeman

    FS: Others Impact Drill with Case

    Product Name: Impact Drill with Case Expected Price: Rs 600 Shipping charges: Mumbai - N/a (Pick up in Person @ Andheri/ Thane, its heavy ~ 3Kgs) Manufacturer page URL: N/A again, its a product from Crawford Market, Mumbai Description if any: 13mm Hobby Impact Drill with Case. Label rates it as...
  10. axeman

    Auto Reboot Wired ADSL/ Cable Modem via DDWRT Script on Wireless Router

    Now, this is a very simple script, that when added to your DDWRT device will keep checking for an internet connection. If it fails to find an active connection, it will reboot the device you decide via Telnet using this script. For unstable connections which experience drops you can change the...
  11. axeman

    Budget 31-40k HTPC Component advice needed

    I plan to retire my PC and move into a HTPC soon. Requirements: Cabinet Space: 13" (W) 16" (H) 20" (D) Mobo Acceptable: Space for 4 HDD's (3.5") Space for 1 DVD Drive Should fit a normal mid range GFX Card USB 3.0 support not mandatory Water cooling support not mandatory Technical Needs...
  12. axeman

    FS: Headphone Sennheiser CX 300 - II Precision In Ear Phones

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Sennheiser CX 300 II (Sealed Pack) Expected Price: INR 3000 Time of Purchase: 31 Jan 2013 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes, 2 Year typical Sennheiser Warranty Reason for Sale: Have 3 more of these. Purchase...
  13. axeman

    WTB New/ Used NAS - 1 Gig NIC essential, 2 Bay minimum, up to 8 Bay acceptable

    Looking to buy a Used/ New NAS Minimum Specs: 1000 Mbps NIC x 1 2 Bay Support RAID 1 256 Mb RAM With/ Without warranty - Bill/ Invoice copy is essential. Acceptable up to: Dual 1000 Mbps NIC 8 Bay Support RAID 0/1/5 Support Upgrade-able RAM My Location: Mumbai Post here and/ or PM me and we...
  14. axeman

    Electronic shopping in Phuket & BKK Airport

    I will be spending 3 days in Phuket, and wanted to know if the forum peeps know any good places for general electronics shopping? Agenda: No TV (Have enough already) Maybe: AMPs Speakers Head/ Earphones GFX Card(s) Or any in general, as may strike at that point in time. As obvious, I will...
  15. axeman

    WTB Logitech Unifying Receiver - New or Used - Working Condition

    Want to buy a Logitech Unifying Receiver only. Product may be new or used. Looks like this: Post here or PM me your best prices, including shipping if any is needed. My location: Andheri E, Mumbai.
  16. axeman

    Letsbuy – Bought! Now What? - Death By Takeover

    Ooo, in case anyone is planning to buy anything from Letsbuy in the immediate future, these two are must-read articles.Letsbuy – bought! Now what? It's Death By Takeover | Businessworld
  17. axeman

    Laptop Memory - DDR1 - 333 Mhz - 1 GB

    ITEM TYPE: RAM Manufacturer: Transcend Interface: DDR1 Size: 1GB (Single Schtick) Frequency: PC-2700 (333MHz) Voltage: 2.5V Timing:- 2.5-3-3 Condition: Brand New - Packing is open, but available Age: 4 Days Old Warranty: ~3 Years left from Transcend Service Center. Location: Andheri...
  18. axeman

    Laptop Memory - DDR1 - 400 Mhz/ 333 Mhz - 512Mb/ 1 GB

    Laptop Memory - DDR1 - 400 Mhz/ 333 Mhz - 512Mb/ 1 GB required on a urgent basis. Will pay best price, shipping if required with Insurance. My Location: Mumbai
  19. axeman

    Looking for a NAS Device

    I am looking for a NAS Device, my requirements are: 1. User Swappable/ Serviceable Drives - 2.5/ 3.5" both are OK. 2. Support for RAID 1 3. Ethernet Connectivity Wifi Connectivity is good to have, but not mandatory. The above 3 are my must have points, I am not able to get any good options...
  20. axeman

    Singapore Shopping Help Needed

    I would be going to Singapore for 3-4 days for work, and would be shopping for the following in my spare time: 1. IEM 2. Headphones 3. Speaker Set (2.0/ 5.1/ 7.1) 4. Thinking of Mobile - but heard the difference is not there anymore 5. Open to other electronic suggestions :P Weight will...