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    WTB want to buy pixel 2

    want to buy pixel 2
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    Audio Technica m50x

    Looking for a Audio Technica m50x in good condition
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    Looking for a dual shock PS3 controller

    Looking for dual shock PS3 controller with excellent working condition or a new one / or anyother alternates which works with PS3 like game sir controllers Thank u
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    FS: Others MI band 2

    1 day old mi band 2 for sale BUMP ....Open for offers
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    WTB looking for Ps3 genuine controller

    looking for sony ps3 controller brand new sealed pack will be better
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    WTB Nexus 7

    Need nexus 7 tablet in good condition , very less used
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    WTB PS3 controller Original

    want to buy sony genuine ps3 controller in good condition
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    WTB OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover

    need one plus one bamboo style swap cover
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    Audio audio technica ATH M50x delivered from flipkart(NO seal found)

    yesterday flipkart delivered ,i opened the outer box and found that inner box that is ATHM50X box does not have any seal or any thin cover packing on it ,(but it seems to be unused inside) can please help me regarding this issue , comes with seal or with out? please tell me how u got your...
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    WTB FiiO E06 Portable Headphone Amplifier

    want to buy FiiO E06 Portable Headphone Amplifier