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  1. Veek M

    Veek's Python lessons in English - feedback thread

    So here's a brief sample: A longer one I was hoping someone with more fancy audio/hardware might review it and give me some feedback on how things look on a big monitor, or if you can hear background sounds - or if something's off that...
  2. Veek M

    Stereo Mic recording in Linux/Pulseaudio - how?

    (FIXED) I've enabled echo cancellation load-module module-echo-cancel use_master_format=1 aec_method=webrtc aec_args="a nalog_gain_control=0\ digital_gain_control=1" source_name=echoCancel_source sink _name=echoCancel_sink set-default-source echoCancel_source set-default-sink echoCancel_sink...
  3. Veek M

    TV buying: generic 7.5k vs 13k (MI LED TV Pro 4a)

    Room is 15'x8' wide. Stuff should be visible very close and 15' away? Cost and longevity is a factor: need to buy a TV for a small classroom - It must have USB/menu-select. This is the primary means of screening lessons so does anyone have any in-depth understanding of the manufacturing...
  4. Veek M

    Freenode's #india could use your help - racists are taking over, just login and stand by Freenode/#india

    So this racist US based turd tried to stir up hate. Don't waste your time talking and arguing BUT WE DO need to show solidarity in the face of divisive forces. 1. Download Hexchat - install it. Or login using 2. Just idle and if you do notice something, cut and...
  5. Veek M

    WTB Asian manufactured Foil ESD Bags - no holes, kinks - could someone point me to a source?

    So any sort of Foil based ESD bag - I scoured the net and called dealers - I simply can't find any Asian ESD bags.. it's all US stuff with huge duties and what not and super expensive to boot! I'm okay with the high duty but I'd prefer an Asian supplier.
  6. Veek M

    What's the current customs duty on imports via Digikey - they offer 'free' shipping?

    For orders above 7k shipping's free but I was wondering about miscellaneous charges and duty/tax/vat etc.. How much is it all likely to add up to? 1589082395 gift category is banned and will be treated as personal imports with NO CAP...
  7. Veek M

    Bicycle Repair - what brand tube, tyre

    Bangalore SP Road - any particular shop. I did some google and:
  8. Veek M

    What's a good keyboard for typing - TVS Gold Bharat alternatives?

    suggestions, please. Not online (my last TVS was sold used imho).
  9. Veek M

    Prepping for Armageddon - my list of chemicals, any suggestions/modifications?

    (Edited to add this: You will note that my list contains Glacial Acetic Acid at 90%+ concentration - if the Chemist had sold me some, I'd be dead by now. So.. it's a list I could never actually use because of my lack of knowledge on how dangerous some of this stuff is. PAY THE EXTRA for...
  10. Veek M

    Gardening: what do I do with Coconut Husks?

    So I made a lot of stupid mistakes that were very painful to recover from: 1. I put pots on the terrace and filled it with mud - stains the wall, low yield. 2. I put Zinc sheets+pots in the mud as a barrier - attracts rats - mud binds to everything, leaves get in - difficult to sweep. Now I'm...
  11. Veek M

    SSD IOPS - sequential vs 4k rw? Basically says that the FS tries to keep things sequential in 128MB chunks and spread the 128MB chunks out across the entire disk at the directory level while keeping the inode close to the...
  12. Veek M

    The value of food - please make sure you read on Apr. 1 that the order to reduce food rations to just 10 days per month was handed down on the morning of Mar. 30. The new order means that the families of military officers will get only...
  13. Veek M

    Corona-virus: medical tips and tricks thread

    Reddit thread on the same topic involves taking five deep breaths, and ending the sixth deep breathe with a cough - covered with the hand or a tissue, of course. This would help...
  14. Veek M

    What's the average age of people on TechEnclave and Erodov - how come Indian colleges don't have their own board/forum?

    So I was wondering because I had a basic question in Chemistry and I didn't want to use r/Chemistry (reddit) or Freenode. Is there a board frequented by Indian students (that is fully functional and popular) where you could ask questions and such? I am guessing the bandwidth costs would be a...
  15. Veek M

    WTB Some kind of portable, light computer monitor in Bangalore - with Corona, everything's closed?

    I've got a H110MHC Biostar mobo that I use in the garage with a 17" CRT currently. 1. I wanted a monitor for the terrace - portable, light that I can use away from people. 5k INR monitor. NEW. VGA/HDMI. IPS would be nice but I doubt at that price. Should be bright - terrace is well lit (but...
  16. Veek M

    Who runs, owns, operates TechEnclave?

    I did a whois and the domain is registered via WhoisGuard/Panama registration. MX record shows Google Mail. Amazon for DNS. It's hosted on Amazon as well. So is TechEnclave American/run by americans? Who owns the servers - company, private individual? With Erodov gone, I was...
  17. Veek M

    What's a good place to buy Static Shielding Bags/ESD bags - barring Mouser, Element14, RS - which are online - any local store in Bangalore?

    Mouser has them at a decent price but it's SCS/3M.. any Indian companies making them? Any local shop selling them? I was thinking SP Road or Chickpet? Spec found here
  18. Veek M

    Why don't Indian companies sell to individuals vs NGO/company?

    So I contact this company they make plastic bags that I can buy on AliExpress - a 100 of them for USD 27 ish. INR16/8L pkt. That's the best price I've found - Amazon has some seriously ridiculous prices.. He...
  19. Veek M

    Anyone into prepping, canning, preserving food and stuff?

    So i'm looking for like minded people who are interested in such things so as to swap ideas and research. There's a lot of complicated mumbo-jumbo floating around and I thought it would help to clarify it. I had made this post on my research into preserving food and I'll replicate it here with...
  20. Veek M

    PC Peripherals Splashjet printer inkjet inks: prices quality (refill)?

    Does anyone use inks from this company? I've looked on ebay and flipkart but their products are not listed which is odd. They are apparently manufacturers of quality inks (i found a brochure) but none of the brands listed their are being sold via usual retail channels. I emailed the company and...