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  1. allrounder799

    Processor, Motherboard and RAM for PC

    I am building a new NAS for my home. For that I require the following: A B150/B250/H170 motherboard A Pentium Processor-G4560 Single DDR4 4GB RAM NAS drive like WD Red 2 TB
  2. allrounder799

    Budget 90k+ Advice on New PC & NAS for 2 lakh

    Hello Members, I had built my first rig in 2011 with the suggestions of TE members and it's still going strong. Now I am upgrading to next level and need some advice. Although I know much more now about PCMasterRace, it's always better to have some advice from other experienced people.I have...
  3. allrounder799

    FS: MP3 Player Apple iPod Touch 8GB 4th Generation, flawless condition

    Product Name: Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation 8GB Expected Price: Rs 5500 Shipping charges: Included in price Manufacturer page URL: iPod touch (4th generation) - Technical Specifications Description if any: Working in perfect condition without any cosmetic scratches, no defect at all...
  4. allrounder799

    FS: MP3 Player iPod Touch 3rd Generation 32GB-Used

    Product Name: iPod Touch 3rd Generation 32GB Expected Price: Rs 5000 Shipping charges: Depends on courier and location Manufacturer page URL: iPod touch (3rd generation) - Technical Specifications Description if any: Working without any defect, box available Product condition: 8 out of 10...
  5. allrounder799

    WTB Cheap-Working Intel 775 motherboard

    Want a working LGA775 motherboard
  6. allrounder799

    WTB New/Used Intel LGA775 motherboard-working condition

    Want a used LGA755 motherboard Should be functional
  7. allrounder799

    Which from three- Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 or Ubuntu-for my home dwnld/server?

    I have a spare PC lying around which I intend to convert into a low-power [downloading rig]+[mini server] It will -download torrents -download from Usenet using SabNZB -will be given a external IP address(through DyDNS) and act as a small time FTP server So which of the above should I use...
  8. allrounder799

    Storage Solutions Seagate HDDs- lower quality unreilable and fails most of the time

    Recently reading two-three incidents of seagate HDDs failing I would like to share my own experience: About 4 days ago my main 500 GB was working fine, but still had some instincts that something was wrong with it I restarted my PC, and suddenly the PC was showing to that "No boot drive...
  9. allrounder799

    Which one should I get: HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

    Hello all, I want to buy new mobile in price range of 25-30k(max-no increase) I have done my research prior and rounded up these two final options I was fixed on Galaxy Nexus but then found that One X was available for around 32k(imported version) so considered it I have a question to Gnex...
  10. allrounder799

    Skyfall Trailer released

    Skyfall International Trailer I really liked the antagonist, and as usual the Bond girls are hot
  11. allrounder799

    Linux My first Arduino...the InduinoX let the tinkering begin!!

    Hello all, So I finally took the decision to dive further deep into electronics and finally ordered the arduino(about which I had heard from 9 months but was on fence) Finally I decided to order it and after researching around finding from a old thread of @Jakob that he had ordered arduino...
  12. allrounder799

    PC Peripherals Logitech MX518 RMA Query

    Hello all, Recently my logitech MX518 had developed a fault, so gave to the Neoteric limited for RMA, now as mx518 is no longer in production, they said they will give me credit and I could buy anything from the dealer from whom I got the mouse(Shree Krishna Enterprise, Chandigarh) is this...
  13. allrounder799

    Post your game rants here!

    Activision the company behind COD is a big son of bit** Using there multi million dollar power they shut down a project by a bunch of kids, who put there hardwork, money into making the COD titles affordable to those who can't buy them They were who kept the MW2 alive for so long, after two...
  14. allrounder799

    Activision: AlterIWnet may close down! I did not find many members on TE playing on AlterIWnet, but if anyone who knows what it is, they should take it seriously Activision has sent a cease and desist order to AlterIWnet and can take legal action also The effect is already taking place as...
  15. allrounder799

    Audio Need earphones(in-ears) budget 3-4k

    Hello friends, I am looking for a good set of in-ears to pair up with my next mobile Recently I broke my 6k sennheiser IEMS and bought the SM PL21s but they dont fit my ears so sound horrible(no bass) I dont want to spend much on new ones so budget is around 3k and may extend upto 4k max...
  16. allrounder799

    PC Peripherals RAM Query

    I have gkill ripjaws(not the X) 1333 Mhz 4GB(2GBX2) ram in my rig I want to upgrade to 8 GB and as I am short on budget I will have to get another 4GB kit instead of the 8GB one I have decided to get two of these: eBay- Gkill GB 1333 Mhz Now the only difference between these and my current...
  17. allrounder799

    PC Peripherals Again need help for choosing my next mouse upgrade

    Hello everyone, I currently own a logitech MX518, and want to upgrade My budget is between 3000-3500, max increase of 200 Well I shortlisted some options: Corsair M60 Steelseries iIkari Laser Logitech G500 No razer product I am guessing many of you have arleast one of them, so I need...
  18. allrounder799

    How is

    Hello friends, The title says all Recently I posted a thread asking about how is Battlefield 3 online, and based on replies decided to go for the Battlefield 3 "Limited Edition" I found this on internet: Battlefield 3 Limited Edition ~ Rs. 1,490 Now I wanted to know that now has anyone made...
  19. allrounder799

    Calling Fans Of Battlefield Series: How Is The Online Gameplay?

    Hello all, I am playing Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 online from sometime now As I don't have original copies of both the game, I am playing Uhm ....Ahh...through the "other way" Now the problem is as I am playing the "uhm ahh other way" there are lot of hackers, wallers, people...
  20. allrounder799

    PC Peripherals Should I upgarde my RAM or not? Please help!!

    Currently I am having G.Skill 4 GB(2GB X 2) 1333 Mhz CL9 ram in my rig(my signature) I had planned to upgrade to 8 GB in future(in 5 or so months), now I have this great offer of G.Skill 1333 Mhz 8 GB(4GBX2) CL7 ram for 3600 rupees Now my question is will the CL7 timing improve performance...