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  1. Mechanic

    Graphic Cards Cheap prices on Zotac nvidia GPUs

    How did you know that your card is second hand or pre-owned?
  2. Mechanic

    Amd vega in India

    Heh Crimson legacy driver borked my hd6850
  3. Mechanic

    GTX 750 Ti

  4. Mechanic

    GTX 750 Ti

  5. Mechanic

    GTX 750 Ti

    Bump, Open to offers of r7 250x or comparable gpu s too
  6. Mechanic

    Jeans brands you love and hate.

    I work at a very busy Public Sector Bank, you know how the toilets are :dead:, so after a week of work, my jeans needs proper hard disinfection by use of detergent and water, dunno if I'll be comfortable with Vinegar to do the disinfecting. Lets face it India is sweat dirt and grime, so while...
  7. Mechanic

    SBI charged me AMB fee on zero balance account?

    Zero Balance account is an account which doesn't require you to deposit money at the time of opening the account only But you do have to maintain the minimum balance as per rules
  8. Mechanic

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    what game is that?
  9. Mechanic

    GTX 750 Ti

    Hello guys, I am looking for a GTX 750Ti or R7 260x Graphics card in good condition, to replace my current gpu. The target price is Rs.3500 including shipping. I reside at Purulia West Bengal 723101. Post here or pm me your offers. p.s. 3.5K is the absolute max i am willing to spend, so please...
  10. Mechanic

    Using Borderlinx

    is borderlinx reliable? their calculator is not showing the taxes applicable.
  11. Mechanic

    BSNL to soon increase minimum post FUP broadband speed to 1Mbps

    I am on UL675(Rs.781) combo from BSNL that is 512Kbps/60KBps no FUP for the last 6 years, however since February 2016 i am getting 2Mbps/220KBps no FUP. West Bengal, Purulia.
  12. Mechanic

    CPU/Mobo Z170 - Gigabyte or Asus - Which has better durability and Support ?

    even if your friend picks them up from US, won't he have to pay customs @ 35% at airport?
  13. Mechanic

    FS: Mobile Oneplus 2 at 18k

    Sorry, I saw the post today itself, was offline for exams .
  14. Mechanic

    FS: Mobile Oneplus 2 at 18k

    @kuduku You could have returned it to amazon instead of selling at a loss of 7K My brother's Oneplus 2 (bought on august 20) developed a screen flickering issue, so I contacted Amazon and informed them of the problem and also that the Oneplus service centres were unresponsive. They arranged a...
  15. Mechanic

    Websites blocked

    I use Zenmate chrome extension to circumvent these website blockades. Zenmate is quite impressively easy to use and even negates the video loading lags on some websites.
  16. Mechanic

    Amazon India lightning deals

    ever heard of Lastpass? :P
  17. Mechanic

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    did he get a beard transplant for this film?
  18. Mechanic

    Amazon India lightning deals

    Not a lightning deal but well worth a look Windows 8.1 tab 1.8GHz 1GBRam 16GB for 4.3 K just imagine what you could do with this!!
  19. Mechanic

    The Fitness Thread !

    @Rockfella what is that? link please!
  20. Mechanic

    Android {Giveaway} 2xOneplus 2 invites valid for 40 hours from now

    I've sent you a PM The invite needed to be claimed by "YOU" with "YOUR" oneplus account anyway, i set up another oneplus account myself and claimed the invite and sent the link to you. Be aware, you should have done this.