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  1. sagar.agrawal20

    WTB: Logitech Z5500 5.1

    Logitech Z5500 5.1 pm me the best offers guys
  2. sagar.agrawal20

    Corsair FORCE 3 or OCZ Vertex 3 SSD 40/60/80 GB

    please pm me your offers or post here
  3. sagar.agrawal20

    Finally ..... Got LGA-2011 Cpu After 37 Days

  4. sagar.agrawal20

    Finally ..... Got LGA-2011 Cpu After 37 Days

    awesome procy dada... keep Rocking
  5. sagar.agrawal20

    Merry Christmas N a Very Very Happy New Year 2012

    wishing you all the Prosperous new year and merry Xmas
  6. sagar.agrawal20

    Display Port Cable

    regarding what bro
  7. sagar.agrawal20

    Display Port Cable

    Guys i need to buy Display Port Cable... i need it asap... PM me or reply in this thread
  8. sagar.agrawal20

    CM 120 MM 90 CFM Fans Red LED

    hey bro..... got the fans....? i shipped them last week
  9. sagar.agrawal20

    Batman: Arkham City - Discussion Thread

    Epic game guys seriously it GOTY material
  10. sagar.agrawal20

    My phantom build

    Phantom is Awesome cabinet my Bro had it
  11. sagar.agrawal20

    Onkyo HTR518 Home Cinema

    mention specs or link please
  12. sagar.agrawal20

    MSI 6950 Twin FRoZ3r III OC 2GB

    got the cash will ship tomorrow... :D and dont worry about Packing it will going to be Satisfying
  13. sagar.agrawal20

    Denon AVR

    Guys i am Planning to Buy AVR as i sold my Crappy Z5500 Locally plz post or pm me the best deals in AVR Denon... other options are welcomed
  14. sagar.agrawal20

    MSI 6950 Twin FRoZ3r III OC 2GB

    Hey Guys I am making this Thread For A TE Member... the Deal is pretty Confirmed so here are the Details of GPU BRAND = MSI GPU = 6950 TwinFrozer III OC 2GB Reason For Sale = Going For Nvidia Warranty = 3 Years Condition = 10/9.9 Price = 12.5k Courier = DTDC/FirstFlight Waiting for his...
  15. sagar.agrawal20

    ROG at Home (Rampage IV Extreme)

    what will be the cost of the Processor of the new Intel Socket
  16. sagar.agrawal20

    ROG at Home (Rampage IV Extreme)

    awesome dada thats a really sweet purchase
  17. sagar.agrawal20

    1st ROG Notebook

    awesome dada really i am big fan of yours
  18. sagar.agrawal20

    Mac OS Help me Installing Hackintosh in Rampage 3 extreme

    i am having problems installing mac. wen i am booting os from CD then my system reboots automatically :(