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    FS: Mobile Samsung note 9 currently under 1yr extended warranty [Price Dropped]

    ◦Product Name: Samsung Note 9 128 Gb ◦Expected Price: Rs 32000 ◦Shipping charges: No Shipping ◦Manufacturer page URL: ◦Description if any: Its in a very good condition. Kept in a case throughout and well maintained. Never dropped or kicked...
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    8th Gen cpu / motherboards

    I'm looking to upgrade my current setup. Mumbai sellers can send me offers for 8th gen cpu's and compatibles motherboards. Send me pm with proper model and expected price.
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    FS: Monitor and LCD For Sale 22inch and 19inch monitors

    For sale is my 2 viewsonic monitors 22 inch 19 inch The monitors have few issues and selling them to make space 1. 22 inch monitor has 2 white patches which can be seen in the images attached. It is only noticable on dark or black screens. Asking price: 2900/- 2. 19 inch monitor has a...
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    Hard disk 2tb or more

    Need 2 tb hdd preferably in warranty Mumbai sellers only Pm me
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    FS: Others Edifice ED 390 Watch for sale Brand new [PRICE REDUCED] Now 10k

    Hello All I'm selling my recently purchased edifice 390 watch since a solar model has caught my eye. The watch was purchased in Dec from Flipkart. Online invoice present. Full 2 year warranty available. Interested members use the PM route. Please keep the thread clean. Asking price : 10.5K...
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    WTB Edifice watch

    Im looking for a genuine used edifice watch Pm me model and price.
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    WTB Gpu in mumbai

    Looking for a good gaming card in mumbai Pm me fast need 1 today
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    WTB Note 4 - In warranty

    Need Note 4 in warranty Please Pm me with offers and price Mumbai Sellers Only. Need the note 4 with Bill box and accessoriesbump
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    WTB LG G4 Dual (H818p) 32GB or similar

    I am looking for a Full HD / 3gb Ram +/ 400 DPI+ / 4g Compatible/ 3000 MAh+ Mobile I liked LG G4 Dual (H818p) 32GB hence if you have any offers send it across Looking for mobiles preferably in warranty and without cosmetic or functional damage (Bill+ box preferred with it) Note: Mumbai...
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    WTB Camera

    I am looking for a good camera Budget around -2-3K No defects or issues Camera should be capable of high details photo, zoom and video recording.
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    WTB Smart Wtch Lg G watch R

    Looking for smart watch sleak Mumbai sellers
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    WTB Need a very good condition mobile

    I need to give this mobile to my friend, so need it in a good condition without any issues Warranty prefered Brands like micromax , MI etc will do, but need good funtional mobile Budget : Max 4k
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    Need a used Tab at cheap price around 2-3K (like lenevo and other brands) Dont prefer wifi only, you still can offer Need good condition Mumbai sellers only Pm 's pleasebump
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    Hey guys I have not done any R&D related to the title, but would like to know the following: I have a drive with 3 partitions Windows Xp Windows 7 and DATA I have detected Bad sectors on the drive, leading to few Program crashes What I would like to know is, is there a way for me to transfer...
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    Graphic Cards Sapphire RMA contact

    I am unable to find sapphire RMA contact, (aditya infotech website does not open up) Please let me know details I am from Mumbai
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    WTB NEED 7850 2Gb edition (OC preferred) - Mumbai Sellers

    Looking to purchase Graphic card like 7850 2 GB edition Need MUMBAI buyers only for quick deal
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    WTB Need NON WORKING 460 GTX or other cards

    I need useless old Graphic cards for their Cooler /Fans Please Offer me your Old usless good for nothing GFX cards if you have them lying around. Specially looking for Dead GTX460
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    I require a GPU. MUMBAI Please send me offers. MAX budget 7k Need in warranty and FAR better performance than GTX 460 2 GB versions or moreBump mumbaikars.
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    Need 120 MM high CFM fans, RED LED preferred Need 3.5" SATA enclosure for internal HDD as well MUMBAI SELLERS FAST PM. Looking to buy tomorrow Itself
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    WTB Need 1-2 Tb HDD--- Only WD -- Mumbai sellers only

    I need 1 Tb - 2 TB hdd, WD only Mumbai sellers only Please send me offers via Pm only to avoid hijackers. Need warranty on the hdd, other offers welcome as well if HDD is functioning okBump , need Offers