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    Corona virus in China

    Now for April, if you see how the condition has drastically changed. The whole world is fighting against the COVID 19 and China reports are saying that they have managed the outspread of corona in their country. Even some companies have started their production again and reaching their 80-90%...
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    What exactly is Government of India doing?

    Hey, man just providing my views as a common man, first, let's not see it as Modi is doing everything single-handedly for the nation. There is a huge team of highly experts and economists behind them, who works 24 hours for the nation. And yes they are doing their work honestly, people are...
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    What watch are you wearing today???

    Currently owning the badass Casio p 90, with Fossile CH350, And a 15 years old G-shock.
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    Budget 10-15K Best camera phone within 15k

    Go for redmi 8 pro if you are not against using redmi phones, the camera quality is good for the price, and if you are not a professional photographer then surely the camera gives positive pictures with good lighting and details on the picture. It's good for social media as well.
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    Budget 0-20k Need CPU cooler suggestion 4-5K range

    You can buy the cooler master liquid cooling kit with 3 RGB fans, it will even cover your rig when you are overclocking and pays off for it value. Don't go for Chinese brands as they only provide Argb or RGB function to make them look cool, they don't provide long-lasting effects. Such Corsair...