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    Tariff war on 3G, before launch of 4G

    bsnl have reduced from 10 days to 7 days on 68stv datapack
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    Xiaomi to relaunch Redmi Note in India next month

    my pincode was shown serviceable when redmi note was added inmy cart but now it shows non serviceable pincode. but when I add some other item in my cart I can proceed to pay what sorcery is this Flipkart?
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    Friends! Need advice about malaysia entry on visa.

    Send a mail to the embassy at delhi 2 days ago no reply called on phone they say no need to re-apply for visa entry is 30 days means even if I go on last day of my visa the entry permit is 30 days but still confused as I have bought airasia non refundable return ticket. And We from punjab...
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    Friends! Need advice about malaysia entry on visa.

    so what if I go on 2nd and return on 10th will it still be illegal? and then why there website says you can stay for 30days after entry? or is it only till the visa is valid? and what if go on 2nd and then extend my stay from there?
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    Friends! Need advice about malaysia entry on visa.

    Hi friends, I need some advice as I was planning a trip to Malaysia in November.Now the problem is I have multi entry tourist visa expiring on 11 November. But I have to stay there till 27 November.on visa stamp it say 30 day entry.Now if i go on 2nd november and return on 30 will I be...
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    How did you come up with your username?

    one day I was browjing the internet and search braut me to a relevent result which was on this site tE fuond other intersting stuff which i liked that time and then tried to register and camed this name. core2quad
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    Is networking domain a low paying job

    and my 2 friends are in nz and london with 20lacs+ annual package pure luck :/ ought to be.. me too like networking but I m here in india using a crappy internet from reliance 3g. sorry for the ot.
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    HP Touchpad for 100$ @ US online stores

    paying 150+ for just... :/ an touchpad pun intended
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    Is it advisable to buy a Iphone3g now?

    you 'll pull your hair when you 'll use it...but it depends if you just use it only as a phone its good the iphone 3g
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    Sea Gate Free Agent 250GB HDD

    I was thotting of buying the hd and case from tomemmanuel as he is new here so i m not going to deposit money first.neither he will agree to sheep first although i m a jenuine buyer. So I was thinking of ebay route or else if someone @te know him personaly can help us complete the deal. any...
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    Driver Finding software

    try this this software first install drivers for your network then you can search other drivers online with its help. but I have'nt yet tested dont know whether it works or not.
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    PC Peripherals Samtron 15" CRT- Menu screen at Center issue? Help Pls.

    if you are a diy'er then there is a 5v regulator near the main microcontroller giving 5volts to the main ic controller change it to any 7805 regulator. if not then take it to any monitor repair shop they will do it for you for aprox 200INR+
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    Road Trip - Jammu Kashmir Ladakh

    Me too am intersted in the trip where ever you guys like to go take me with.(but in north region only) by the way I have a bajaj discover 100cc which may be not a good bike for mountains but I can arrange one good bike call it any bullet or pulsar etc. previously I have gone to dharmsala on my...
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    PC Peripherals Problem replacing UPS battery

    hi, the red wires are going to step up transformer as long as I know they doesn't carry any polarity. you need to put the negative wire on black terminal of the battery and red wire to the positive terminal it should be painted in red on the battery. and also check the 40amps fuse.and if...
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    D-Link ADSL + Router, Netgear Wireless Router, Netgear Wireless-N USB Adapter

    I m intersted in buying D-Link ADSL 2 + Router GLB-502T. but can you clarify why ppoe is'nt working because I was thinking for using it for 3 devices. a laptop phone and a desktop simultaneously. is it a hardware or firmaware problem. in case do you give testing warranty?
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    need some help in Mumbai a very costly city

    no he didnt paid 900 for kurla from airport it was 150inr but for some other destination from airport.I dont know the name of the place at the moment. if 2k is cheap for a night stay I m very dissappointed to know that.
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    need some help in Mumbai a very costly city

    He's in kurla. But I dont know where but it take 9 minutes to get to local airport from there. --- Updated Post - Automerged --- he's not from a very rich family yaar. if one night cost 2 k it will be 14k for the trip and thats out of the budget of a common man I have put my query here...
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    need some help in Mumbai a very costly city

    hello friends, one of my friend from punjab is in mumbai from today.he has to stay there for a few days approx a week.but only in one day he find that its a very costly city. from mumbai airport terminal 1a the taxi fare cost him 900.inr for one way. and 1 night at hotel is 2k . So I...
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    Laptops Netbook purchase advice needed - totally confused as all look the same to me!!

    have ordered one dell mini10 from ebay's deal of the weak for a friend @14990 +the free monsoon gift he was inclined toward dell and hp about warrany dell has a good onsite warranty and it is said to be better than others hope this help you.
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    Phone stolen filmi style :(

    a friend of mine was walking on a bazaar street with his n95 in his hand. someone came from nowhere and grabbed the phone and runaway. He didnt even tried to run behind him to catch him neither did he shouted for other people walking there for help to grab the thief. he said he was so stunned by...