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    Friends! Need advice about malaysia entry on visa.

    Hi friends, I need some advice as I was planning a trip to Malaysia in November.Now the problem is I have multi entry tourist visa expiring on 11 November. But I have to stay there till 27 November.on visa stamp it say 30 day entry.Now if i go on 2nd november and return on 30 will I be...
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    need some help in Mumbai a very costly city

    hello friends, one of my friend from punjab is in mumbai from today.he has to stay there for a few days approx a week.but only in one day he find that its a very costly city. from mumbai airport terminal 1a the taxi fare cost him 900.inr for one way. and 1 night at hotel is 2k . So I...
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    Hp laptop nc8430 System Board New or Old working

    Hi friends, As the title says I 'm in need of working motherboard for laptop model NC-8430. The old board is faulty.Its HP part number is 416397-001. I can find many selling at ebay global easybuy and But I want to try if I can find one in india with warranty or for cheap. I m...
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    FS:Brand New Seagate 250gb sata laptop Hdd SOLD

    hi friends, I have brand new seagate 250gb sata Laptop hdd for sale or trade. it has 5 year warranty from seagate til december 23/2013 price 3k+shipping its brand new retail purchase not taken frm any laptop. reason: bought for making a portable storage but gave up that idea.
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    Help Needed on siemens Gigaset SE587

    Hi Friends, I have got an siemens dsl modem router model no.Gigaset se587 frm tiscali uk in india.But Its not working on BSNL.ADSL light doesnt get green on it. I think it could be locked to tiscali uk.and I have looked for its modded firmware But Google doesnt help.... So I m asking...
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    Graphic Cards How good is Jetway HD3650 512ddr2

    hi friends hello to all. I have a question regarding gfx card . I m in search for good cheap gfx card .I saw this jetway HD3650 512ddr2 gfx card in market priced at 3.2k and also there is hd2600pro at 3.8k how they both campare to nvidia 8600's and to each other and also to there ddr3...