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    What.CD is no more

    Sad day all around.
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    Nexus 4 8GB $199 16GB $249 + shipping/taxes

    Google just dropped the prices on it's Nexus phones. Pretty sweet pricing.
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    Defense Grid 2 on Kickstarter

    For those that have never tried tower defense, DG is the definitive TD game to play. I've spent almost a 100 hours on DG1 (as per Steam). Pay 'em $15 through the Kickstarter for DG2 and you'll get DG1 for free. (alternatively, it should be on the steam sale sooner than later for $2-3. Hidden...
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    Meet the Pyro/Psycho

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    Congratulations rPOk

    Just thought I'd spread the word :-) #[member='rPOk'] Well done mate :-)
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    A sad day for PC Gaming :-(

    GSC Gameworld is shutting shop. Official statement expected on Monday the 12th. Get Out Of Here: GSC Closure “Confirmed” | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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    For all you Dragonborn

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    Audio Cheapest possible USB DAC?

    So my laptop's line out port has gone all wonky. The internal speakers don't get cut out even when there's something plugged into the line out. I'm looking for the cheapest possible USB DAC I can pair with this and get better than onboard audio. These will be used with a pair of JVC RX900s.
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    Beta Invite Giveaway - "Kings Bounty - Legions"

    New facebook based TBS based on the Kings Bounty franchise. I have an invite to giveaway. Post here if you need it.
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    New Rig - Or almost

    Finally managed to get the bulk of it together :D New Stuff Seasonic X750 - 129/- Intel Core i5-2500k - 194/- Asus P8P67-M Pro - 149/- Corsair Vengeance 2*4GB 1600MHz - 89/- Galaxy Geforce GTX570 - 279/- TP-Link TL-WN722N Wireless Adaptor - 20/- Old Stuff (Not Pictured) Dell 2209WA Logitech...
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    The Next Big Free Game! 'The Duty Calls'

    :rofl::rofl: Duty Calls
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    Orks in Pirate hats ftw!

    Time to 'Cleanse! Purge!! KILL!!!' Much larger gallery here - $30 bucks on Steam. My first ever pre-order :D - Pre-purchase Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution on Steam Releases on the 1st of March 2011
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    PC Peripherals Convince me to buy a pc. Or Not.

    As things stand, I have a bit of money that I could spend. (between $1000-1250) If I were to spend this money, it would be on just the CPU minus HDDs, monitor, mouse+kb & speakers (I already have all these.) I currently game @ 1680*1050 with the laptop in my sig connected to a 22" Dell...
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    R.U.S.E 6 Pack on Steam

    The 6 Pack is on sale for $150/- ie; 25 bucks a copy. If there are 5 others interested in this, let me know and we could get it. Save 33% on R.U.S.E.â„¢ on Steam
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    16:Ten & other stuff

    After a lot of time spent reading up on stuff, I picked up this last month My speakers also decided to die out on me (Or atleast something in the vicinity of the volume pot decided to). On getting in touch with The Audio Insider I was told that my model was out of production :@. However...
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    New Apple gadgets

    Seriously? There is NOTHING new.. so much so that they've brought back the buttons on the shuffle.. Sucky launch imho.
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    iPhone4 vs HTC Evo4G (NFSW)

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    Personal Accounting

    So I've been using this service called Mint for the past few months. It is an aggregator of sorts for transactions/information from all my bank/credit card accounts. It lets me keep track of things and plan from a single webpage. I just noticed that Personal Finance Software seems to be an...
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    Free 1 year Amazon Prime for students in the US

    1 year Free Amazon Prime Membership for College Students - Forums
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    Yes! Yes! :D

    It's finally here!! I'm off to reinstall OS'es :ohyeah: