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  1. Mechanic

    GTX 750 Ti

    Hello guys, I am looking for a GTX 750Ti or R7 260x Graphics card in good condition, to replace my current gpu. The target price is Rs.3500 including shipping. I reside at Purulia West Bengal 723101. Post here or pm me your offers. p.s. 3.5K is the absolute max i am willing to spend, so please...
  2. Mechanic

    Android {Giveaway} 2xOneplus 2 invites valid for 40 hours from now

    So I am giving away 2xOneplus 2 invites which are valid for another 40 hours from now. Post if you need them. if you already own a oneplus 2, don't ask for the invite. Please do not send me any PMs requesting the invites, any and every unsolicited PM will be ignored. Post here and here only.
  3. Mechanic

    User Guides Micromax Yu Yureka [Unlock][Custom Recovery][Root][Factory Reset] Guide

    This is a complete and comprehensive guide for any Yureka user to Root his phone, Install recovery and if need arises then reset the phone using official tools. Below are the steps to achieve the same. I hope this helps What you need...
  4. Mechanic

    Android Is there any trick to buy Yureka from Amazon Lightning Sale?

    Hi guys, I registered for the past two Yureka sales in Amazon, but was unable to add one quickly enough. so I am looking for some trick/cheat to help me add one to my cart. If you have used any trick/cheat or know of any such, please share in this thread :) Flash sales suck :(
  5. Mechanic

    Micromax Yu available at Amazon without Flash Sale

    Browse to the Micromax Yu Product page in Amazon and you can see You can even add to cart if you're feeling adventurous and order it, Amazon may refund you the balance amount if the order goes through. This is a glitch in the amazon website, if you are lucky, maybe your order will go...
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    Security Software AV-Comparatives real-world protection test (August 2014)

    Here is the Real world Protection Test Results for the month of August 2014 from the premier Security software testing company AV-Comparatives. Avira, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Emsisoft and Trend Micro are...
  7. Mechanic

    Other Kobo Glo E-Book Reader Review

    Hi guys, As some of you know, I've been on the lookout for a cheap but good quality e-reader for some time now. So I finally took the plunge and bought a Kobo Glo Black from Ebay for 7k. This is my pictorial review of the device after using it for a week. I hope this will help other prospective...
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    GTA V PC version may be cancelled!
  9. Mechanic

    Android Need Help buying a Kobo Touch Ereader from Ebay seller

    Hi Guys! I am interested in buying a Kobo Touch EBook Reader from an Ebay listing as given below The problem is that the seller does not ship to my location , i.e. my location is not serviceable by them you can check if a location...
  10. Mechanic

    Other Dedicated E-Ink E Book reader on the cheap ?

    Hi guys I am in the lookout for a dedicated E-Ink E Book reader on the cheap. Owners of E-Book Readers like Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Nook Simple Touch, Nook Glowlight, Kobo Touch, Kobo Glo etc owners may give their feedback based on their usage and maybe help me make an informed choice. :)...
  11. Mechanic

    Android Is it possible to play games like GTA San Andreas, XCOM enemy Unknown from MicroSD Card?

    Hi guys I am considering buying Motorola Moto E. so I was thinking whether it is possible to install and play resource intensive games like XCOM Enemy Unknown and GTA San Andreas entirely from SD Card. also I heard XCOM requires 1.5GB RAM, has anyone played it on a 1GB RAM mobile?
  12. Mechanic

    PC Peripherals Where can I buy Bitfenix Phenom M or Prodigy M ?

    As thread suggests, I am looking to buy Bitfenix Phenom M or Prodigy M cabinet from any online retailer or any Brick and Mortar Hardware store. Where can I find one? please don't say Global Easy Buy, those are overpriced like hell.
  13. Mechanic

    CPU/Mobo How much has Sandy/Haswell improved on Nehalem? Has PileDriver caught up?

    A very nice comparison between 3 similarly priced processors from 1st Gen Core(Nehalem),2nd Gen Core(Sandy Bridge) and AMD BullDozer. Notice how the Bulldozer fails to scratch even the age old Nehalem. HD 7970: Bulldozer vs. Sandy Bridge vs. Nehalem Review | techPowerUp Though the review says...
  14. Mechanic

    Graphic Cards Is the Radeon HD6850 still relevant for gaming at 900p (1600x900)?

    The Sapphire radeon HD6850 on my PC turned 3 years old today and its still going strong despite its age. In part due to regular cleaning (once every year) and a generous undervolt at stock clocks for lower temps. however the advent of the value GCN cards like HD7790/r7 260x and r9 270 are...
  15. Mechanic

    Budget 51-70k How much would Tomshardware 800$ PC cost in real life?

    Hi guys, I am building a gaming PC for a close friend of mine, while surfing Tomshardware, I came across Tom's System Builder 800$ gaming PC which looks quite great configuration wise. So that's my base to build an optimized config. Component Model Purchase Price CPUIntel Core i5-3470 (Ivy...
  16. Mechanic

    Suggest me a Hybrid/Urban/Commuting Bicycle like BSA Photon

    I am riding a BA Photon EX Bicycle for the last four years, Its a great Hybrid/Urban bicycle which picks up speeds without much effort. Now after 4 years of use, the bike is showing signs of wear and tear as I average around 10 Kms a day. Is there any alternative to BSA Photon within 4-5k price...
  17. Mechanic

    Scientific Calculator for Physics Grad and Post-Grad students (B.Sc and M.Sc)

    I am gonna buy a scientific calculator for my upcoming final year examinations in B.Sc in Physics Hons, which would be used in various entrance examinations and in the future while I'll be doing M.Sc as well. Please recommend me a few calculators or give me pointers as to which features I...
  18. Mechanic

    Are Xbox One and PS4 games gonna be much easier to port to PC and each other?

    We do know now that that the configurations of XBox One and PS4 are somewhat comparable to each other and also closer to what many mainstream pcs have these days does this mean porting will be easier?
  19. Mechanic

    "Professionally" Microwaved Samsung Galaxy S4 on sale for $5400 only

    Came across this weird listing on
  20. Mechanic

    Does anyone here have PPOBox/Hopshopgo "Professional" account? Need help importing multiple items.

    Hi guys I want to buy three items from through PPObox/HopShopGo the default Normal account doesn't allow package consolidation and as such the shipping cost multiplies for each item. However The Professional/Corporate Account allows Package consolidation and shipping all items for the...