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  1. K Mini speedtest direct link

    Thought somebody might find it useful (and fast)... Here is the direct link to the's mini test applet
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    Audio EP-630 alternative?

    My 4th pair of EP-630 is showing signs of premature death. the cable has a loose connection with the jack. Now, I might just get another pair from newegg.Amazon for ~20$ and be done with it. But being out of the whole earplug thing for the past 8 months, I want to know if better alternatives...
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    Cable modem + wireless router...which one?

    Well, the net gear that the ISP provided crashes every time there are more than 2 devices connected to it :@ . So we decided to get a new setup. Any suggestions? Requirements: 1. Bit torrent support 2. stability. I am leaning towards discrete modem and router setup over an all-in-one devices...
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    Laptops To those who have dell lappies...

    Some of you might already know it, for the others, On the battery pack of every recent dell lappy, there are 5 LEDs.. They tell you the status of the charge and battery life without turning the lappy on (or without putting them in a lappy- if they are spare batteries). Press the battery...
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    A little something!

    :ohyeah::clap::bleh: Only 2 Hrs left for it to complete! Happy weekend! 384Kb/s to 1.2MB/s! Thats quiet a leap for me!
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    Are DAPs counterproductive?

    Do you, like me, think that DAPs and other such devices consume our thinking time? We tend to think when our mind 'seems' to be when working out, walking, lying around and doing nothing in general. We get various thoughts and ideas in such spare time and when we listen to music, our...
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    Laptops [US] How is this deal?

    I would be buying this from the US iself, Buy the HP Pavilion dv6910us 15.4" Widescreen Entertainment Laptop and other Laptop computers at • AMD Turion X2 TL-60 • 200GB hard drive • Built-in wireless 802.11bg • 3GB of DDR2 memory • Built-in...
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    Whats this world coming to?

    :S :rofl: :no: Whats this world coming to?
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    MDR-V6 Vs. SR-60?

    The sony MDR V6 or the Grado SR-60? Both cost somewhat similar and both are legendary in their own respect. So, which one to go for?
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    For law buffs...and others too!

    Although this concerns the US legal system, I think it is relevant everywhere IMHO Eight reasons even the innocent shouldn't talk to the police Disloyal Opposition: Eight reasons even the innocent shouldn't talk to the police
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    Are you gay?

    :hap5: :rofl:
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    The last lecture - Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

    Randy Pausch was a Carnegie Mellon University professor who suffered from pancreatic cancer. He died yesterday (25th July). He gave a famous lecture on what he would like to tell the generation of today if he was to give a last lecture (ironically- as he suffered from a terminal disease). This...
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    Microsoft lies to XP users—and they start to love Vista

    Microsoft looks to 'Mojave' to revive Vista's image | Beyond Binary - A blog by Ina Fried - CNET via Microsoft lies to XP users?and they start to love Vista Interesting stuff. What do you say?
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    Orca Browser! Faster than FF3!

    Try it people:hap2: Its really REALLY fast! Get it here: Avant Browser • View topic - Avant Browser 11.7 Alpha 3 and Orca 1.1 Alpha 3
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    Graphic Cards GPU Fan RPM?

    Hi, I have an XFX 8600GT. Im running vista and using Rivatuner and set up different fan profiles based on different core temperatures. Now the problem is, Im not being able to find out the fan's speed (not the duty cycle). Is there anyway to find that out? Any help is appreciated.
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    PC Peripherals Is this available in India?

    Im trying to find something similar to the following in India. The 1 MUST HAVE feature are the fornt pannel HD Audio connectors. - nMEDIAPC ZE-C98 All-in-one USB 2.0 Card Reader with USB/IEEE 1394/e-SATA Port/HD Audio Ports - Card Readers
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    PC Peripherals AL MX5021 at Hyderabad?

    My friend wants to get the MX5021 at Hyderabad. He asked around and one guy quoted him 8.5k+taxes. I know it will be a bit higher priced than in Chennai (where it retails for 6.5-6.8k...right?) may be around 6.8-7k. Any shops where it can be got for the correct price? Any help would be...
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    CPU/Mobo Which AM2 Motherboard?

    Hi! I think ill be needing a new mobo. Im NOT an OCer and stock is the way to go for me :hap2: Currently I have an ASUS M2N-MX and thinking of jumping ship from asus after 3 generations of their mobos. Im a light gamer with an 8600GT so onboard video is just a back-up for the graphics card...
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    Wow! Look at this deal!

    See this:
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    ACTUAL power drawn by a PC+peripherals!

    see for yourself :hap2: Cliffski’s Blog Computer stuff and power requirements EDIT: As the blogger says, even if an average gaming PC with a dual-core CPU+8800GTS+2GBRAM only consumes ~190W at peak, is it necessary to have all those 700W and 1KW SMPSes?