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    Storage Solutions Samsung harddisk ROCKS!!!

    It has a very constant speed..........
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    Graphic Cards Shall I get GTX 480?

    Go look at some reviews. Heres 1 to get started wit - | Review - Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 1,536MB Review The power consumption and heat is very high compared to there ATI counterparts so this round goes to Ati but the 28nm revisions and tesla might turn things around in the future.
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    PC for 20-25k!!

    That needs some modification :- 1. Get a Gigabyte 460W psu instead for 2.2k. 2. Only 2gb ram for 2.7k - 3k [upgrade later right now 4gb dosen't fell worth it but if u have any money left then better to go for more ram ]. 3. You have about 5.5k left if we look at the 25k budget so buy a HD5670...
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    Graphic Cards Who Has The Money And is Getting FERMI 100% on Release Day

    No proper benchmarks are out there so stop making your estimates about performance it is misleading. And who was that guy who said ATI will make better drivers? Ati's drivers are BS in front of Nvidia's drivers. Nvidia knows what its doing. There drivers aren't like ati which really give no...
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    This is War - A SCREW YOU @ UBISOFT

    This is War. Consider this a wake up call for every one of you who bought CoD: MW2, every one of you who sigh and bend over every time some ratty publisher pushes the PC version into next year, every one of you who *****es and moans about shoddy PC ports, and then go buy the sequel. Next time...
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    TE PC Buying Guide March 2010

    Spend the rest of the money by changing that to 6gb ram and get a nice Core i7 930 or 920 with a decent mobo ......... And maybe add a HD5870 if u have any money left .......
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    Will this SMPS Power this rig? And ram and case suggestions needed

    Get a Samsung SATA DVD writer it blows anything in the market away ..........
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    PC Configuration for 35k max .. Help Needed.

    I have seen a 512mb version for 6.4k at lynx ........
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    Suggestions for New Rig

    Its H55 if Im not mistaken .........
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    PC Peripherals Sapphire IPC-AM3DD785G mini-itx should be in india

    That thing i awesome Ive always loved matx and mini -itx.
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    Graphic Cards Wait or buy 5870

    Yes :D Seriously see how they boosted the performance on the GTX2xx with the drivers ........ And I don't think there driver making department ( or whatever they call it )has changed....
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    Graphic Cards My 9600GT not performing as expected EDIT: Card is fake!

    Sue him seriously tell some policeman about it and take him with u to the store then see how they refund it ..........
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    Graphic Cards Wait or buy 5870

    Ati can't increase there performance with drivers or even make them properly work ......... ON the other hand the drivers nvidia will later release for the GTX4xx will make them about 30% - 40% faster from there ati counterparts ............... U can already see how they manged to boost the...
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    Suggestions for New Rig

    Just get some cheap card like the Geforce 8200Gs for now ........... then sell it of later or keep it as a bckupcard if your Quadro needs an RMA or something ....... Leadtek QUADRO FX380 256MB DDR3 -7k looks like your best bet in that budget for a 3d designing card .........
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    CPU/Mobo AMD working on another Higher clock Phenom II X6

    What are going to be the prices any idea ?
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    Any changes required to this ?

    Whats the graphic card in the old system ?
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    Graphic Cards Wait or buy 5870

    The GTX470 is about 349$ told by a site so u should expect 18k for it ( If u haven't noticed the prices in India and US are about the same now if u look at newegg ) ........... And the GTX480 is 499$ and are slight faster than the HD5850 and HD5870 respectively........ plus the future driver...
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    Graphic Cards Wait or buy 5870

    The GTX470 and GTX480 aren't that overpriced they are expensive but u get a lot better stuff ........ till now no game benchs have been reviled so its best to save your money for now and see how they perform ............. Besides The HD5xxx series were released in a rush it didn't have 100%...
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    NZXT Gamma available in Bangalore

    With Tax u mean the tax was exclusive or inclusive ........
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    AMD 890GX Chipset & its lower end counterparts in Hyderabad?

    Thuban is AM3 so even our current boards support it (most probaly there would be a BIOS update ) ...............