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  1. Kakarott

    Budget 31-40k PC for Office

    Hello all, The computer from which I'm typing is a Core2Duo E8400 with DG33FB Mobo. This thing runs very good even today. But some heavy graphical softwares are draining out everything. So I'm looking to upgrade. I use SolidWorks, AutoCAD, AutoDesk Fusion etc. Might run more CAD software in...
  2. Kakarott

    WTB Moto G 1st Generation on sale in Flipkart

    It went on sale 3 days ago. I've been trying since yesterday the item showed in stock on Fp. But couldn't get it added into cart. If anyone has bought it and have changed there mind. Please let me know. I'm looking forward to buy one.
  3. Kakarott

    WTB Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 Hard Bricked

    I'm in need of a bricked phone. A phone which can be used for parts. My phone fell down while my niece was playing with it. Its display is cracked and I cannot use it unless I get it replaced. The new one at the service center costs a fortune 6.5k to be precise. Please let me know if anyone has...