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    Laptops Lenovo Flex 6 - 14 Inch. Display stopped working, display on external monitor works, cannot claim warranty

    Too bad the Lenovo does not give International support. It was a bad decision to buy an electronic gadget without an International warranty from the US if you have no plans to return there. Another problem I guess is some companies refuse to give warranty to laptops once it has opened by an...
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    My PC Eats my mouse every 2-3 months any solution ? (place adjacent to window)

    I think you are handling the computer mouse gently. If so, direct sunlight is the next possible reason for the random damage of the mouse. If you can't keep the mouse away from the window, you should use a curtain to avoid direct sunlight into your room.
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    CPU reaches 99°C

    I was also thinking about the damaged thermal pasting as the root cause of the issue. haha, a simple loose wire made your life a hell for a few days. Whenever my PC gets overheating issues, the first thing I check is any possible distraction for the free airflow.
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    Good to see that your Blue Screen of Death error is solved. It is really an annoying problem. BSOD due to insufficient PSU is very rare. Your computer must be assembled by self rather than a company product. I had this issue once due to RAM. One of the RAM modules was faulty.
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    DismGuiLite : Simple, easy to use GUI for DISM. Added WimlibGuiLite.

    Having a Graphical User Interface is better than using the command line formate. Does this tool work over DISM or works independently?
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    Windows Reactivating Win 10 on new PC

    I do not think Microsoft will allow you to use the old Windows license on your new PC without proving the ownership. The second problem is your license type. DreamSpark provided Windows license just for studying purpose with some restrictions. DreamSpark is a Microsoft Program that supports...
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    Windows Reactivating Win 10 on new PC

    Well, it looks like you are trying to use one property after you have sold it. You have mentioned that you sold the old PC with the Windows 8 you activated. So I do not think Microsoft will allow you to use the same Windows 8 license on your new computer. If you are serious about it, you need...
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    Internet not working on my laptop with my android hotspot but works fine with wifi router

    If your laptop connects with the Android Hotspot, the Internet should be working without issues. As a workaround, can you change the Android hotspot WiFi name and password and try to connect again. What is the normal distance between your Android hotspot and your laptop? Try to use tethering...
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    What watch are you wearing today???

    Nice watch
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    What watch are you wearing today???

    Yea I know but it was great once.
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    What watch are you wearing today???

    I wear a Titan watch with white dial.