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    Graphic Cards Recommend a Graphic card (Budget 7K)

    Hi My config: Core i3 3220 Gigabyte GA B75M D3H 4GB RAM 1 TB HD VIP Gold 500 W Monitor: 1920 x 1080 I am thinking to get a graphic card under 7K budget. I need something to do entry level gaming, but i will also be working on this PC so i need something that won't consume much power, but i can...
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    Which non-inverter 1.5 ton AC to buy

    Hi all, Thinking to get a 1.5 ton non-inverter ac, preferably 3 star just to keep costs down. Which brand do you guys suggest. I am confused as there are so many brands in the market and don't know which one to choose.If the price is not that high, then I can even for a 5 star ac, but which...
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    CPU/Mobo Strange overheating issue

    Hi, I am running a Phenom II X4 840 processor on Biostar motherboard. Here are the details: CPU temp: 70 degree c(sometimes 100 also when it shuts down) System temp: 36 degree c CPU fan: 1200 RPM I thought that the stock HSF is faulty and that's why I got a cooler master HSF but still the...
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    Graphic Cards Monitor shows Check Signal Cable when I use Turn off the display option

    Hi, I've got a strange issue. In Windows power options, I've set the option to "Turn off the display" every 5 minutes. The only issue is that when this happens, my monitor doesn't goes to that power saving stage, instead, it displays that "Check signal cable" message. My monitor is working...
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    Monitors Weird Monitor Cable Issue

    Hi, I am using a Samsung LCD monitor that comes with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. Everything's working fine , till now, but recently my resolution changed to max 1600 x 1200. There;s no option for 1920 x 1080. The same thing happened in both my OS - Win 7 and Win 8. I tried changing...
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    Recommend an Android under 23k

    Hi, Thinking to get an Android. I was previously thinking to go for Nexus 4 but its not available in India and there are too many complications importing it, plus I don't know about its warranty, if it would be valid in India or not. 1. Q: Budget? A: 23k 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip...
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    Graphic Cards Looking for a New GPU Suggestion

    What is your budget? 5-6k Current rig Specs CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 840 Motherboard: Biostar TA880GB+ RAM: 4GB Monitor: Samsung Full HD LCD Which PSU/SMPS will you be using? Rating + Brand VIP Gold 500W (I am not sure if this VIP GOLD is really that reliable. I was facing problem with my old...
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    Should I go for HTC One V

    1. Q: Budget? A: 18k 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar 3. Q: Preferred display type? A: whichever is better 4. Q: Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them. A: Samsung, HTC or SE. 5. Q: Preferred input method (Touchscreen, QWERTY, etc.)...
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    Recommend me USB WIFi card

    Hi guys, I am searching for a USB WiFi card or a PCI WiFi card. I am not sure which one to buy. I am more inclined towards USB card. It would be great if you people can recommend me a WiFi card for my desktop. Thanks.
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    Is this a good iPhone deal ?

    Hi, I got the price for iPhone 4 16GB factory unlocked - Rs 22500 The phone is in very good condition with iOS 5 Do you think this is a good deal ? I really don't have any idea about iPhone prices. Its factory unlocked, does this mean I don't have to jail break it ? Right?
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    Android App developer

    Hi All, Anyone here is an Android app developer ? Or do you have any recommendations. Also I want to know what is the standard cost required to develop a simple (not so complex) app. I had an idea for an app but searching for someone reliable. Mods can move this thread to the correct place, I...
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    Some questions regd iPod Touch 4G

    Hi all, I had some questions regarding iPod touch 4th gen. -Does all apps that work on iPhone work on iPod touch ? (minus apps for calling and texting purposes) -Is it wise to buy a new one now, or should I wait? I am not in a hurry -Would there be any problem if i buy it from ebay? what...
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    Unable to activate Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

    Hi All, I just bought genuine Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. Its 3 user license. I am 3 PCs, all loaded with win 7 64 bit. I have activated this license in one PC, but I get a strange error in two of my other PCs. The error is: Necessary resource is unavailable on the activation server I...
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    PC Peripherals Computer just shuts down, dont know the reason why

    Hello All, My computer just shuts down for no reason. I am just working, and it just goes off. This happens at some intervals, and sometimes it doesn't happen for a complete day, and sometimes it just shuts down 2 times in one hour. My specs are: AMD Phenom 840 Biostar Mobo 4 GB DD3 RAM Liteon...
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    Going for Asus X53U-SX013D, should I buy it ? Final advice

    Hi All, I am thinking to go for Asus X53U-SX013D Processor: Brazos Dual Core 2 GB RAM 320 GB HD 15.6 Inch screen USB 3.0 And other regular features I am getting it for 19k approx. Just want to know if there is any other good alternative in this budget. (BTW, can I run Photoshop...
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    CPU/Mobo CPU temp too high or normal ?

    Hi All, I just got phenom II X4 840 My cpu temps are 54 Degree C on idle. Are these normal ? Or too high ? Config: phenom II X4 840 Biostar 880 G mobo 2 x 2 GB DDR3 RAM 1 TB HD VIP Gold PSU AMD 4850 GPU Cooler master elite 310 cabinet Do you think my PSU is right to handle this. I am...
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    Storage Solutions 1 TB Partition ? How ?

    Hi All, I've just bought 1 TB Hitachi Hard drive. This will be my new drive and I won't be using my old 160 GB HD. So now, all data will be transferred to new one. I want to know whats the best method to partition this new one. For now, I will be connecting this new HD and then I will...
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    CPU/Mobo New Proccy and Motherboard under 8k

    hey Guys, back after a long time. I want a procesor and motherboard under 8k. Q: What is your budget? 8k Q: Which hardware component are you looking to buy (component name). If you have already decided on a configuration then please mention the (component brand and model)...
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    Sandisk Cruzer Blade 8 GB for 560 bucks

    Hi All, Its a good deal from ebay for today only. You can get Sandisk Cruzer Blade 8 GB for 560 Rs. Check it out: eBay India: SANDISK CRUZER BLADE 8GB PEN DRIVE WITH 5YEARS WARRANTY (item 180624416567 end time 13-Mar-2011 14:07:53 IST)
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    ICICI B2 banking advise needed

    Hi Guys, I am thinking to apply for C2 banking. I went to their website but I need some more information. The registration process is a long one. But after completing it, does anyone know that would I have my account or they'll review it and afterwards, and then send me the details ? I just...