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    Graphic Cards Very urgent help required for my gfx card

    Hi friends, yesterday i purchased a MSI GTX260 gfx card and CORSAIR VX450 psu but somehow the converter cable(4.4 molex -> pcie 6pin) was missed :S so anybody in chennai can help me please??? If anyone has a spare one to give or an extra one to selll, i'm willing to come and get it in person...
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    Graphic Cards Suggestions Plz for my upgrade

    Hello every 1., My current config is as follows: Monitor : LG W1934S (19" Wide with 1440x900 Max Res) Motherboard : INTEL DG45ID CPU : Core 2 Duo E7400 RAM : 2 x 2gb OCZ gold edition PSU : ZEBRONICS 400W Platinum And this is what i'm planning to get in a...