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    Cheapest Wireless router with DD-WRT support...

    I would still vote for N13 even if you have to spend few hundreds more. Working rock solid from 4 yrs with full time download.
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    Winamp shutting down after over 15 years

    RIP. Still remember days when CHIP & DIGIT DVD used to give special Winamp skins as added attractions.
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    Domain Name Deals, Coupons..

    Ok. Here is the big update. New Domains - Godaddy Rs 72 with icann fees - CODE - 99luv Rs 120 with icann fees - CODE - INFBCOM00 $1.99 - CODE - recap New .COM registration + Privacy - USD 4.18 - CODE - cjc3cp 31% off on New Purchase - gd31115a $0.99 .com + Icann Fee - CODE - cjcrmn99c...
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    [no longer available] Free Win 8.1 key to Dreamspark members

    Generic question Using Win 7 (64 bit) & quite happy with it. Support/patches of Win 7 will be also available for quite long. Is there anything specific reason to go with Win 8 / 8.1 ?
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    Domain Name Deals, Coupons..

    Guys, Any Godaddy coupons for .com renewal ?
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    How is Dr. Batra's for acne?

    LMAO, doctors giving Dusshera discount.. What else do you expect ? All you get is white "Golis" which no one knows what they are made of apart from they are sweet. PM Me, I will give name of the ayurvedic soap which can reduce your prob to 90 %. No harsh chemicals. Go to market/purchase online...
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    Amazon India Deals

    Thanks, I tried it. I didn't get option of global eligible product for that item. Any idea what to do now ? Is it ok to take using shipandshop etc ?
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    What's the best multivitamin?

    What is the best Veg way to increase hemoglobin without taking any tabs ?
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    Amazon India Deals

    Question to all amazon geeks, Which is the best way to get one item (bathroom accessory) from to India ? any offers/companies which offers cheap ?
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    Need help buying a wifi router.

    Why don't you upgrade to DD WRT first then mess around ?
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    Audio [WTB] Noise cancelling headphones

    I would stay away from Ep-630, Somehow never liked & always sounded like mono. Go for Soundmagic PL11, awesome sound with great bass.
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    Android Indian Micromax signs Hugh Jackman as a brand ambassador

    Way to go guys.. Just improve your service centers & after sales. I am ready to take your phones. This is one Indian brand Samsung & even Apple should worry about :)
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    Android Replacing a Cracked Motorola Defy Screen - How Much Will It Cost?

    @sunny27 There is one phone where screen is broken & some liquid has come out. Will that be just the top screen ? Whats digitizer ? Can you pls guide what needs to be replaced ? Sadly no moto center around.
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    Free Sygic & MapmyIndia GPS Android App

    Paid 250 Rs for Cygic one, Will work for lifetime on GPS. Good to go & excellent product.
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    Good portable harddisk deals on amazon from 3799 for 1TB

    Amazon has warehouse in Mumbai & they have most items in stock at their super warehouse so superfast shipping. Wallmart called off deal with Bharati but they are going to wait till next elections & If Modi comes they will come with a bang. Flipkart is going to have tough time in near future.
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    Need help buying a wifi router.

    Eyes closed - Asus N13 B1 Very stable & you can run 25 * 7 :) Just dont use as WiFi router, Use it as downloader... then its worth its price.
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    iOS Need a stock market app with comparison of purchase and current price of shares

    Do you know anyone who provides this kind of excel after paying ? Happy to pay.,
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    iOS Need a stock market app with comparison of purchase and current price of shares

    Offtopic, Is anyone aware of excel sheet stock market tracker which works in corporate environment ? If price is set to say 100 Rs, it should give pop up & alert. Happy to pay for such excel sheet.
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    iOS Need a stock market app with comparison of purchase and current price of shares

    You need to login to such apps, like Moneycontrol. if you login it will have your portfolio recorded.