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    Storage Solutions External HDD with highest warranty ?

    On similar topic. Which external HDD brand comes with high number of yearly warrnaty ?
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    Suggest a Telescope ??

    All, Is there any one on TE who loves watching planets :) ? Looking for a GOOD telescope for personal use.. here are few requirements. Atleast surface of moon should be visible. More the better :) Comes with a good stand Will be purchasing online for better discounts. Aprox range - 3000 to...
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    PC Peripherals Suggest - All in one printer...

    Hi all, Can anyone please suggest a good All in one printer ? I am listing few of the requirements. Very less use of colour, mostly Black & White. Black should be printed even if color catridge is emply (not sure if possible). Scan, Copy & Fax must. If AIO with fax is costly then are there...
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    [Interest Check] - Kesar Mangoes

    Hi Guys, Would like to know if anyone is interested in purchasing & of course eating Kesar Mangoes :) Summer is setting in & Kool Kesar mangoes make a great treat. Kesar mangoes are special variety grown only in GIR Forest (Lion Century of Gujarat) Offer is for 2 types of boxes - 6...
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    Blogspot/ questions

    Hi all, Have few questions on blogspot. Not very good at CSS/XML hence unable to modify the template. 1 - One of the template has URL at the bottom which needs to be removed. When XML file is opened, I cant see the URL, however I can see other items of footer (e.g. Copyright xyz) Bottom code...
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    Sukam Inverter - "Hissss" noise from all fans

    After reading lots & lots of threads on Inverter, Decided to go with following one. Sukam 850 VA Shiny - 2 Yrs Warranty Sukam 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery - 4 Yrs Warranty. Wiring & Installtion - 1200 Rs extra Everything installed & working fine. Excellent shift of inverter from mains to...
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    ASUS O!Play HD2 - How to play youtube videos online ?

    Friend has purchased ASUS O!Play HD2 after doing lots & lots of research. Plays almost all formats & no problems as of now. This is a NAS box too & has online functions like Picasa, Flickr etc. Requirement is to play Youtube vidoes directly online. This HD2 is connected via RJ45 cable with...
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    Which is correct 3G mode for Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 ?

    There is frequent disconnection on 3G Vodafone. I am not sure which mode is required to be selected in Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 ? Phones shows following, GSM/WCDMA (Auto Mode) GSM Only WCDMA Only Can anyone share which is the right mode of 3G for Vodafone India ?
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    How to Sell & Ship food items outside India ??

    Dear all, Looking for options to sell food & general items (Exotic Veggies, Fruits, Perfume oils) for people residing in & outside India. Requirement is to have function on the site which allows US/UK & other countries to pay in USD/Pound etc. Currency accepted in INR, USD, GBP, AUD at the...
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    Domain Name Deals, Coupons..

    Here comes the master thread of all domain name deals. Please post all coupons/offers on new domain name registration, renewals, transfers etc etc. NOTE - Make sure to post coupons which works for India users. Most coupons on net for godaddy are for UK & US users, They accept the code but...
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    Post your favourite website, blogger, wordpress template websites

    Please post your favourite template websites. Free or Paid Let's share & make database here.. Post in format mentioned below. Free - Blogger - Free - Blogger - Free - Blogger/Wordpress -
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    Suggest an Android Tablet - 6 to 7k range

    Looking for Android tablet for day to day use. Requirement 9.7 inch screen (iPAD size) Android GB/ICS WiFi (No specific requirement of 3G dongles) 3.5 MM Audio plug Good speakers Good Front Video Cam - For Skype Pref with HDMI Have few in mind like - Akash 2 Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II - 8490...
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    Spy cam which can Fly

    Is anyone aware of Spy cam which can fly ? Looks hitech but there is requirement & want to know if someone is selling it including chienese. Requirement is to survey a company, fly around their place in night Record few things & come out, Simple :) Live streaming & recording, very small size...
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    Logo Design Competition

    A friend is looking to design 2 logos for his upcoming ventures & looking for good logo designers. Price - 1000 Rs (For both logos), It can be increased if logos are too good & friend really likes it. Money will be paid via online bank transfer. Note - Once logo is handed over after payment...
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    Website designer - Matrimonial

    Hi, Friend's dad is looking to build a matrimonial website. Can anyone provide answers to following questions ? 1 - What kind of bandwidth, hosting plans & softwares (CMS) are required to build such a site. Is there any ready made software available to manage matrimonial site backend ? 2 -...
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    32" LCD in Rs 15000 - 22000 Range ?

    Hi all, Can any one suggest 32 inch LCD in 15000 - 22000 Range ? Looking for basic features, HD Ready (FULL HD would be great, I am not sure if I get one in this range) Good Sound - Atleast audible 1 HDMI Port is Must USB Port (Preferred) to play normal (non HD) movies in avi format. I saw 2...
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    iPAD 2 Accessories

    Hi all, Can you people share what accessories do you use for iPAD 2 ? Most basic ones required Full Body Scratchguard Fall proof / Shockproof casing Keyboard I am looking for all of 3 mentioned above & looking for good products in medium budget. Can someone please share & guide ? Please...
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    Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Shave

    Came across this thing & found so many reviews. Reason to take - It stops half grown hairs, razors bumps & claims to stop pimples which might come up due to razor hitting skin. Have no idea if they are true, Any TE guys using it ? Have not seen this thing in India & but most US sites has 99 %...
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    DUAL SIM Android ? (List included)

    This will help others to make accurate recommendations and you can get a prompt reply. Questions:- 1. Q: Budget? A: 15k 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Touch 3. Q: Preferred display type? A: TFT 4. Q: Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them...
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    How to copy Blogspot template ?

    I came across a blog (e.g, I really liked the template. In Firefox, I go to Tools > Web Developer > Page source. Copy all the content & save it in notepad. Now I will open new blog & upload this code saved on notepad. Will it work ? I tried it with no success. Can someone...