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  1. Vincee

    WTB PS4 Games

    Anyone want to offload any of the following ps4 games?? Fifa 20 AC Odyssey Death Stranding GOW RDR 2 Thanks
  2. Vincee

    WTB Want Galaxy Note 4/5

    In need of Note 4/5 (cash is ready) only with invoice. :-)
  3. Vincee

    Android Xperia Z Ultra - To buy or Not to buy?

    Here a friend of mine is selling a year old Black Xperia Z Ultra for 12k. Shall I Buy or No? :)
  4. Vincee

    WTB PS3 above 4.46 Rogero And Sony PS4

    In need for Rogero 4.46+ Ps3 for a friend. Must be in mint condition. And a Sony Ps4. Must be in mint condition. Thanks in advance.
  5. Vincee

    FS: Consoles 2 x Sony Ps3 For Sale At Thrown Away Price

    Problems with the respective console 1. Slim Ps3 Cech2504-B(Rogero 4.30) -- Fan noise -- Opened below that BluRay reader -- Have only 1 DS3 controller in bad condition with no usb cable 2. SuperSlim Ps3 500gb Cech4008-C -- Video output problem. You will see bluescreen even after its switched...
  6. Vincee

    WTB Note 2

    Any Note 2 up for sale?? Pm me :)
  7. Vincee

    WTB External Hardisk

    I want to buy External Harddisk for my friend. Must be above 500gb. Pm me the offers. Thanks in Advance
  8. Vincee

    WTB Smartphone for 18k-20k

    Hi all. Im looking for a smartphone. Budget is 18k -20k. Budget can be stretched. :) Note 2 highly prefered :) Thanks
  9. Vincee

    Car & Bike Yamaha R6- Buy or No Buy

    Hi all... There a man who is selling a used Yamaha R6 for 1.7 lakhs. Should i go for it or not??? My queries- 1. Though the new bike's cost is 7+ lakhs on road he is selling that for only 1.7 lakhs???? :-O I find this some what mischieves 2. He told he will ship that vehicle through ESCROW...
  10. Vincee

    WTB Smartphone ~25k

    Hi all. Want any smartphone under 25k.Pm me the best offers and then we will reconsider about the prices. Regards
  11. Vincee

    WTB Sony Ps3 JB & Modded Xbox 360

    Hi. Want a jailbroken ps3 for my brother under 20k. Any firmware i.e., 3.55 to 4.41. Doesnt matter if it is 160gb or 320gb. Please let me know asap.
  12. Vincee

    Budget 90k+ Gaming pc for 180k

    Hi all. -What is your budget? *180k +/- 10k will do the job:D - What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) *None. But i have compaq 510 laptop. - Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) *None as i dont...
  13. Vincee

    Best BB Connection in Bangalore Electronic City

    Hi all. I stay in Bangalore Electronic City an in need of Bb connnection. 1. The bb should be unlimited 2. Speed should be above 2mbps. My budget is 1.5k to 3k. I will manage with the fup so no limit there. I heard lot about ACT BB so does it offers connectivity in our area. Regards
  14. Vincee

    Budget 90k+ Gaming Laptop

    What's your Budget? My Budget is 80k-100k What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? Gaming and watching bluray and hd movies What size and weight considerations do you have? Mainstream i.e., 14-16"in Any brand that you prefer, or any brand that you detest? Any brand Any other...