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  1. AKGamer

    Budget 90k+ Slimmest Gaming Laptop of 2018 ?

    Which one is the slimmest gaming laptop available in the market? whether you should buy a Slim gaming laptop or not? I have heard it heats up a lot and does not long last more than a year? :banghead::banghead:
  2. AKGamer

    MSI Laptops “Back to School Offer” (May 17- June 30, 2018) Claim Freebies

    Recently MSI has announced their "Back to School offer" which comes annually form their side, MSI is offering Elite Gaming Case + Other bundles on the purchase of MSI Laptops from anywhere in India (offline or online anyway) So if anyone has or willing to purchase MSI laptops between 17th May...
  3. AKGamer

    Which Game on What Machine are you playing Now ?

    hey Guys!! Just creating this thread to know which game is more popular as of know in the gaming community? I am playing Far Cry 5 on MSI GS laptop, i7 Model + GTX 1060 6GB + 16GB RAM
  4. AKGamer

    Laptops Basic Difference Between Intel 7th Gen & 8th Gen Explained

    As many gaming laptop companies such as MSI, Asus have launched 8th Gen Laptops in India, this is Just a basic difference in all series of 7th gen & 8th Gen Intel processor. Current Stats : MSI: Pre-Order Started on Flipkart & Paytm Asus: Coming Soon Dell: No news yet Cores: i7 7th Gen: 7500U...
  5. AKGamer

    Budget 71-90K Suggestion for Gaming Laptops with Intel 8th Gen ?

    Are Gaming laptops ( MSI, Asus, HP) in India will be having intel 8th Gen in future? Is it a good time to purchase a gaming laptop or wait for 8th gen?