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    Budget 41-50k PC Upgrade advice

    My existing motherboard is failing. It fails to recognize HDD some times. I am planning to upgrade CPU, MB and RAM. Rest of the components I feel have more life in them. Please advice What is your budget? 40-50K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand...
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    Graphic Cards Suggest an entry gfx card

    I am not a gaming person anymore but got addicted to Euro Truck Simulator 2 because of my love for large trucks. I don't plan to buy any new PC games (May be American truck simulator when it releases). Following is my current configuration: Processor: Core I 5 (Second generation) Mother board...
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    CPU/Mobo Troubleshooting windows bluescreen errors and other issues

    I have a Core i5 2400 cpu with Asus P8H67-M MB. The MB is pre B3 from Jan 2011. I have Corsair 1333 4GB RAM, WD Black 1 TB HDD, CoolerMaster 450V power source. Until recently everything was fine. Since 1 week i noticed Windows hanging for few seconds once in a while. After couple of days, the...
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    CPU/Mobo Replacing Asus P8H67-M motherboard

    I am using P8H67-M motherboard with Core-if 2400 processor. Purchased on January 29 2011. Just came to know this motherboard was called back few days later and replaced with new version. I tried to update the BIOS yesterday, but the system is not booting now. I checked Asus web site and it says...
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    A PC for programming and Video encoding

    Q: What is your budget? 40K (Budget also includes 10000 max for o/s) Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) Monitor: Benq SE2231 Speakers: Cambridge Soundworks 4.1 Q: Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and...
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    Wireless Router

    What is a decent wireless router available in India with good coverage? Which is good? Linksys or Netgear?
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    CPU/Mobo Please suggest an upgrade to my PC

    I am planning to upgrade my home PC. The current config i have is p4 1.6 GHz, 1 GB DDR Ram, 40 + 80 GB HDD, Creative SB Live Value pack with Cambridge soundworks 4.1 speakers, DVD duel layer writer etc. My current MB has only two PCI slots and they are already filled with Sound card and Firewire...
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    Hello to all

    I am Satish from Hyderabad. I am S/W engineer and work on custom enterprise applications. I love cars, video editing and gadgets. Currently i use a Dell Latitude D610 laptop (company owned). I have an assembled 4 year old P4 machine at home. I have Imate Jasjar always hanging on my waist. :)...