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    AdexMart Trustful for buying Galaxy Note ?

    I saw this : Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 - adexmart Is trustful website to purchase something worth 30k+ ? And is the price good for Galaxy Note ? Any idea of Price in Delhi local stores or any other store ?
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    HP 2711x 27" LED Monitor - Where To Buy

    Link : HP 2711x 27" LED Monitor Question : How is it in working with animation related work ? [Autodesk Maya, 3D Max, Photoshop] Question : Please check Specs and let me know what bad and good you can take out of it. Question : I'd always heard Hp have some good Display's and expensive too...
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    OC & Modding Best CPU Cooler for i7 ?

    Hello people, :tongue: Its my very first post on Techenclave as referred by Salman. I need to ask you people that which CPU cooler is best for i7 920.. ? actually i want to confirm it from you experienced guys :) i am totally new to i7 as its just some 20 days old (I can say Brand...