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    Storage Solutions Large capacity External Hard Drives

    I cannot find the 8TB drive anywhere in India though!
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    Noise cancelling in ear or on ear headphones at noisy places

    What's your budget? I've been using Audio technica ATH-ANC23 for a few years now. It is really good - I've missed station announcements on the Kolkata metro & Mumbai locals a few times and got down one or two stations further from my destination.
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    Storage Solutions Large capacity External Hard Drives

    You're right. I want to invert it so the single drive has backups of all the data on my smaller drives. I'm looking at a WD 8TB drive on which comes to $300 including shipping & duties.
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    Storage Solutions Large capacity External Hard Drives

    I currently have 4x 2TB external hard drives purchased over the last 4-5 years. I would like to buy one large drive to consolidate all of the data on these drives for: (1) ease of access (2) insure against one of my current drives going bad Are there any suggestions for a drive with 8TB or...
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    Does Massdrop ship to India?

    Does massdrop ship to India? And the customs duty + shipping cost will be quite high.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    I see a 128 GB Lexar S25 for 3500 on ebay. Is it good? Link:
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    Audio Interference on signature acoustics o-16

    I purchased a pair of o16 IEMs in December and was quite pleased with their performance. However for the past couple of weeks, there has been a constant buzzing sound in the left earpiece with all sources (FiiO X1, OnePlus One, iPhone 6, MacBook air and Vaio Pro laptop). I tried contacting...
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    Audio Swans m10 mumbai owners need help :)

    I am away on work till next week. I will PM you once I come back hopefully next Monday.
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    Audio Swans m10 mumbai owners need help :)

    I have these speakers but I'm not in town till next weekend. If you can wait, you can check it out.
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    Audio DAC for Swans M10

    I bought a pair of Swans M10 speakers from hifinage in August and have been enjoying them ever since. I want to add a DAC to my setup since I feel my laptop audio is not good enough for the speakers. Any suggestions? My budget is under Rs. 10000 and I'm open to importing it if need be.
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    Audio Fiio X1 vs. Sansa clip+?

    I ordered X1 from infibeam for 8032 (with FIIO5 discount code) and a 64GB card from amazon for 2389. The card was delivered in one day, waiting for the DAP to ship now.
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    Budget 10-15K Phone mainly for reading & mail/chat

    Thanks for the reco, but I feel anything over 200g is too heavy for reading on the train and in bed. I had a Nook HD+ tablet - brilliant screen for reading but too heavy - which I gave to my brother. Note 2 & 3 offer the perfect mix of good reading experience + battery + normal phone features...
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    Budget 10-15K Phone mainly for reading & mail/chat

    I don't want a second hand device. Looked at Micromax, it's way too flimsy and fragile for my liking. Not going near local manufacturers. So I see two options: 1. wait for the Note 3 to release and save up to buy it in a month or two; 2. Get a Nexus 4 from US. I'll decide next week once the...
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    Budget 10-15K Phone mainly for reading & mail/chat

    But it has only a 4 inch screen. Friend has it, not good enough for Kindle & Pocket apps (which are my most used apps).
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    Budget 10-15K Phone mainly for reading & mail/chat

    How about Lava Iris 504q? Is Iris as good as xolo?
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    Budget 10-15K Phone mainly for reading & mail/chat

    My Note II was stolen on the bus last week, so I want to get a cheap phone that'll take me through the next three quarters. 1. Budget? A: 10-15k 2. Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar 3. Preferred display type? A: Good sunlight visibility. Anywhere between 4.5 to 5.5 inches - I...
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    ISP in Vakola, Mumbai

    I've recently moved to Mumbai and am using Reliance 3G temporarily. However with the TV series madness about to start soon, I want a wired connection with 80-100 GB limit. Can you suggest a ISP that provides 2 to 4 Mbps in this area? I tried Airtel, but they say my apartments is not connected...
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    3G Data Card - National Roaming

    That looks pretty good, how is MTNL's network in Mumbai? Reliable enough? I'm using Aircel 3G in Kolkata and Airtel 3G in Chennai. Very happy with the service but way too costly to be using it alone (I used my college's 200 Mbit network for downloading).
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    3G Data Card - National Roaming

    Hi, I travel between Chennai and Mumbai, and need a 3G data card that works well in both cities. I prefer reliability/stability over speed, monthly usage will be around 9-12 GB. I am looking to buy a data card in Chennai and use it in Mumbai, what are the roaming charges? What provider do...
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    Galaxy Note 2 - Announcement & Discussion Thread

    Is anyone using a gadgetshieldz full body protector on your phone? Any idea on whether it affects the S-Pen performance?