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  1. anish_sha

    All OS iPhone to android data transfer

    Hi, after using iPhones for almost 10 years, decided to shift to android , bought an Oneplus 6 I want to transfer all my data (contacts,notes,sms,Gallery,Whatsapp data including images and videos) which is almost 70 gb to my new android device Suggest me a software to do it flawlessly
  2. anish_sha

    Budget Above 25K iPhone 6 to OnePlus 6 : Good choice of upgrade ?

    After 7 years of iPhone usage (2g>3GS>4>5>6) , I am thinking of switching to android , since every iOS upgrade makes my phone more slow. I want to switch to android , is OnePlus 6 a good option ? Or suggest me some other good phone
  3. anish_sha

    iOS Downgrade to iOS 10

    since i updated to ios 11, my phone is going crazy, its like running windows 7 on a celeron pc, too slow, battery drain heavily. i want to switch back iOS 10 or even 9... pls help me to do it safely...
  4. anish_sha

    Video Wireless DTH possible?

    Hi, I used to have local cable connection for the tv in my bedroom which is in first floor of my house, the local cable connection was through the internal cable wiring.I wanted to switch to any DTH connection.But the DTH guy told me its not possible through existing connection since it has many...
  5. anish_sha

    55 inch 4K OLED/QLED TV - suggestions

    Hi guys Planning to get a new TV ,max 55 inch one. Heard that OLED/QLED is the best in 4K resolution. Wont be upgrading atleast for next 5 years Suggest me a good model under 1L budget. Suggest me a good brand with good after sales service among Sony/Samsung/LG/Panasonic.
  6. anish_sha

    Android Redmi 4 battery life

    Bought a Redmi 4 64gb version. It has a 4,100mAh battery. I am using it with Jio with hotspot on almost all time. I am getting hardly 16 hours back up only. Is it normal? Please advice.
  7. anish_sha

    Help : Ordering Xiaomi Mi box 3s from AliExpress

    Hi guys , I want to buy the Xiaomi Mi box 3s. Unfortunately it's not available in India.i saw it in AliExpress . But I never bought any item from AE before . I want to know 1.Is it safe to buy from AE. Is there fraud sellers in AE also? 2.Can I buy using Indian debit cards/paytm/any other...
  8. anish_sha

    VR device for iPhone 6

    Happened to know about the VR thing recently.. Would like to try on my iPhone 6. suggest me one does this comes with headphones can it be used to watch movies? is long time watching bad for eyes?
  9. anish_sha

    Less than 10K 4G phone for reliance jio

    Suggest me a phone under 7k for using with reliance jio sim , should be fast , camera no priority , have Redmi 1s wanna exchange it , let me know any good offer running
  10. anish_sha

    DVD player which plays almost all formats

    Hi Suggest me a DVD player which has a USB and plays almost all formats like mkv, 1080p , flv, avi etc and supports srt subtitles ... Please suggest
  11. anish_sha

    Audio Best Noise cancelling earphones / headphones for flight journeys

    Looking for a noise cancelling earphones/ headphones for watching movies and music during long flight journeys. Happened to hear Bose qc is good , but damn expensive for me , something within 10k is preferred
  12. anish_sha

    Suggest me a gaming console

    I need to buy a gaming console to my nephews ( 2 of them , aged 11 and 10 ) , I'm literally new to this scene , suggest me a console 1. In which there's some activity included rather than just the joystick , saw some kinetic sensor or something like that 2. Which can be cracked or jailbroken...
  13. anish_sha

    Android How to download files >4gb in Redmi 1s ?

    I have a Xiaomi Redmi 1s. I wanted to download the latest Mac OS to update on my MacBook Air. When I tried downloading it using my phone , it's giving error showing "out of space " even though there's enough and more space . Later when I googled I came to know 4gb is maximum supported by fat32...
  14. anish_sha

    Chromecast - Cast iPhone local videos

    Bought the chromecast thinking i can play all my video in my iPad/iPhone cast to the tv, But in the chromecast app i can play only the youtube videos online to this... Please help me to play my local files to TV using chromecast. Any app available?
  15. anish_sha

    Suggest a "lightweight " OS for netbook

    Hi, I ahve a old sony netbook having Atom Processor 1.83 ghz 2Gb DDR2 ram , Suggest me a Lightweight OS for this preferably a windows and a linux
  16. anish_sha

    Laptops HP Pavillion Dv6b-21 ee Laptop's Motherboard

    Can anyone help me where i can find the MB of my laptop HP Pavillion Dv6b-21 ee , which is damaged, contacted HP, they quoted a price of 12k... Any other way to get it cheaper?
  17. anish_sha

    Android Help : Redmi 1s Install apps on SD card

    Hi, Purchased a Xiaomi Redmi 1s , My frist Andoid phone. I have installed a 32gb micro sd card also. But when i install apps from playstore , all apps gets installed to phone memory only. How to install my apps on to memory card? Please help out
  18. anish_sha

    Other Power bank for iphone 5 ?

    Using a iphone 5 , so a power bank is unavoidable , please suggest me a good life yet handy 8000 or 9000 mah power bank
  19. anish_sha

    Audio Bluetooth headphones for Sony Bravia TV

    Please suggest me a good Bluetooth headphones for my sony Bravia TV which doesn't have a inbuilt Bluetooth in it. Looking for Bluetooth headphones which comes with a transmitter
  20. anish_sha

    Video Which DTH to take?

    Using the local cable tv , now wanna switch to HD , please suggest me good VFM DTH channels I need 1. Malayalam and Tamil channels 2.HD channels - NGC,discovery and sports 3.basic Hindi and English channels