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    Suggestions needed for buying a laptop. Budget : around 35k

    Hi everyone, I need your help in choosing a laptop for around 35k. I will be using Visual Studio 2010 Express, Adobe development suite applications, and for watching movies. I have Dell Inspiron 14R in mind. Suggestions needed if there are any other laptops available at this range. Thanks.
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    a sneak-peak preview of the New Google Search

    Their is a rumor going on that Google Search is undergoing through a major redesigning. There is no proof for that. But you can see a preview of how the upcoming new Google Search will look like. There is not much of a change now, except for the new redesigned logo and some result categorizing...
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    Check out the new Google Chrome 3

    Chrome 3 Google released a much stable and improved version of the Chrome browser with the slogan "Fast start-up, Fast loading, Fast search". I just installed this version and as far as I have noticed, what google says is true. It is superb fast and very light on resources. There are some...
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    Hai everyone here...

    Hi guys, I'm sure this is a place where I can meet some tech loving people. Have seen a lot for guys from here in ThinkDigit forum. I know this a place where I can learn a lot from other fellow members and where I can share my areas of knowledge. Thanx.