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  1. M - Feedback Thread

    1) 2 of 1080p POE IP Camera and a POE Switch. 2) A quad port NIC.
  2. M - Feedback Thread

    I ended up paying it. But, there was a little confusion on the individual parcel customs price. I had two parcels- 1. Cost: 75.09 USD (3 items) (~5200 INR) (67.18 USD after discount) 2. Cost: 38.29 USD (1 item) (~2700 INR) The customs I had to pay were - 1. 2717 INR (Assessable value: 6386)...
  3. M - Feedback Thread

    I am being charged about Rs. 3700 as customs for 3 items I payed Rs.5000 (67.18 USD) for. This is almost 80% of the cost. The postman had called to inform that today. What can I do? I am in Hyderabad. Do I simply pay and accept the parcel? I asked the postman whether the customs charge can be...
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    iOS iPhone XS not clicking good pics after restoring firmware

    I would expect Apple to honour the warranty. Don't screw up your phone more.
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    Budget 41-50k Laptop For VM

    How are AMDs for virtualization these days? I have always heard intel chips having better support for virtualization, like supporting hardware passthrough.
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    Monitors Need Help Selecting a monitor for dual setup

    The speakers are absolutely atrocious, so I don't use them at all. I don't use any external speakers, my macbook speakers are good enough, but mostly I use headphones.
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    Cheapest way to hear dialogues from 5.1 sources?

    I bought an android tv recently and the sound on 5.1 sources (hotstar, plex, netflix) is terrible. Too loud music and very quiet dialogues. I am not looking for a 5.1 setup. What I seem to need is an AV receiver which can downmix to 2 channels properly while increasing the center channel. All AV...
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    Budget 21-30k I3 NUC for Ubuntu Desktop

    NUCs in India are overpriced. You can consider buying from AliExpress, way cheaper. If you get unlucky and get charged customs it is still ending up cheaper. Buy the ones with high number of orders and rating. Also there is a black Friday sale coming up. Don't buy any SSDs from there though...
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    Video Reliance Big TV DTH - poor service

    I think jio dth is iptv only, no dish.
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    Monitors Need Help Selecting a monitor for dual setup

    32 inch 2k is about 93 ppi, same as 24 inch full HD. It doesn't look "really bad" but yes if 24 inch full HD isn't acceptable then this isn't too.
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    Monitors Need Help Selecting a monitor for dual setup

    This is probably not what you are looking for but I was in the market for a monitor recently and I ended up buying viewsonic vx3276-2k-mhd for Rs. 26500 from a local dealer. It is 2k resolution ips 32 inch 10 bit (8bit + frc) thin bezel monitor. Also is vesa mountable. So you could make this...
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    FS: Headphone Bose QC 35 ii (Not selling anymore)

    I have decided not to sell these. They don't really cause a headache anymore, and I am quite liking them.
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    FS: Headphone Bose QC 35 ii (Not selling anymore)

    Price dropped 3k from 24.5k to 21.5k.
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    Buying audio splitter in delhi ?

    They are available on aliexpress...
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    FS: Headphone Bose QC 35 ii (Not selling anymore)

    Price dropped by 2k to 22.5k.