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    HTC Legend (4 months old)

    HTC Legend -- Price Dropped!!!! Hii friends, Here again with a new sale. I want to sell my 4 months old HTC Legend. Purchased it from Univercell Hyderabad on 21st May 2010. The phone is in absolutely perfect 9.9/10 condition (aluminium unibody and scratch-proof screen glass). I purchased it...
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    Western Digital Cavier Black 1TB for Rs. 3700

    Hiii friends, My second "for sale" of the day :P . Selling my 1 TB Western Digital Cavier black. Bought it from 6462/- from, current price is 6200/- (CTC Hyderabad). Used mainly for storing movies and cud never go beyond filling 200GB. Reason for selling: Collecting money for...
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    Nokia N79 for 4.5k

    Hiii friends, I got my Nokia N79 for sale. Purchased it on 31- 10 - 2009. Though i used screen guard for a long time it has a few scratches. All the accessories are included which are: Nokia Headphones, Nokia Charger, 2GB MicroSD card, 2 extra back covers, manuals and CD. Reason for selling ...
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    Apple iPod Touch 8GB

    Hii friends, I am here to sell my Apple iPod Touch 8GB. Its late 2009 model (Sep 2009). It came pre loaded with firmware 3.0, which is now updated to 3.1.3. The iPod is in as good as new condition with a few scratches at the back, screen is flawless. Reason for sale : Need cash Coming to...
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    Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Key (1 yr)

    Hi friends, I purchased a 3 PC 1 year user license of KIS 2010 through Kaspersky eStore(Kaspersky Lab eStore > Buy antivirus software online.) for Rs. 1885. I have used two of the activations for my desktop and laptop. There is a third one which I have for no use. So i am willing to sell it at...
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    Opera Mini 5 beta released...and its awwsome

    Hey check this out, this one really has some cool new features, including tabbed browsing and password manager... Opera Mini | The most popular mobile phone browser in the world
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    3 months old Sony Ericsson C510 Black Cybershot

    Hi friends, I have a 3 months old Sony Ericsson C510 Black Cybershot phone for sale. I am not much 'phone-holic' so didnt use it much. Total call time is 20hrs 42 mins. Here is a review as well as one can find many reviews over the web: It's an excellent phone and i have upgraded it to latest...
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    How to put a delay in execution in a C program?

    Hiii, I wanted to know how to put a delay of milliseconds or seconds at any step in a C program. On googling i came across sleep(), but its not a standard C funtion. Any suggestions?
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    PC Peripherals Looking for a good printer

    I am looking for a decent printer for under Rs. 4000/-. I want it to use it for general home purpose. Please recommend me the best quality one that can fit my budget.
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    Unused Nintendo DS Lite

    Few days back i bought a Nintendo DS Lite(With R4 card) to gift to my younger brother on his bday. He later told me he wants a PSP. Since i am not much into handheld gaming i prefer selling it. I bought it for a total of Rs. 8200 which includes a R4 card. The DS is in perfectly new state right...
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    FS:3 days old iPhone 3G 8GB(Airtel)

    Hii friends, I purchased Apple iPhone 3G 8GB three days back from Airtel Relationship Center for Rs. 31000. Initially i was very pleased and satisfied by the phone. But now i feel it isn't for me as I feel kind of restricted with iTunes syncing and other things. I just feel that...
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    FS: Nokia N78 with goodies

    Hii friends, Intro:- Got this Nokia N78 that i ve been using for past 2 and a half months. Phone is in perfect 9.5/10 condition. All the accesories are included in the box. Plus additionaly i am giving along a Sony HPM-71 headset for superior sound quality which i purchased previously for my SE...
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    WTB:Apple iPhone 8GB unlocked or Airtel locked

    Hi friends, I m kind of got bored with both Windows Mobile and Symbian. Currently i m using Nokia N78 which i am going to put on sale within few days. I m actually looking for a used Apple iPhone 3G, 8GB preferrably coz it'll cost less, under good condition(8/10 or more). It shud be unlocked or...
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    HTC Prophet for 6.5k

    Hii friends, I have a HTC Prophet(Orange SPV M600) which I have been using for 17 months now. Reason for Selling:- Bought a new Nokia N78 Everything regarding the phone can be found at this page XDADeveloperWiki - HTC_Prophet The phone is in good condition with few scratchess on the...
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    Increase speed of Windows Vista and XP

    Hii guys, came across this while stumbling, tried out some out of first 25 and they really work....try 99 ways to make your computer blazingly fast
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    HTC Prophet as Orange SPV M600

    Hii there, This is my second trading in Market section in TE, hoping for a good and neat deal like the first one. I have a HTC Prophet(Orange SPV M600) which I have been using for 17 months now. Reason for Selling:- Buying a Sony Ericsson C702 Everything regarding the phone can be...
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    Video Great news for Tata Sky viewers, here comes 9XM

    Hurray, finally here 9XM comes, channel no. 703
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    FS : Sony Cybershot W120 camera with goodies

    Hii friends, this is my first post in market section so apologies if i dont follow the usual format:) .... I am willing to sell my Sony Cybershot W120 camera which i purchased on 7.10.08. It had 12 months warranty then so it must be like 9 months warranty from now. I have got bill and...
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    Firefox 3.0.6 released

    Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable Firefox 3.0.6 fixes several issues found in Firefox 3.0.5: * Fixed several security issues. * Fixed several stability issues. * In previous versions of Firefox, some users experienced a problem where parts of the screen were...
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    Update for nvidia's 6 and 7 series (and higher) cards

    Recently Nvidia has launched new Forceware drivers, which after a very long time include support for 6 and 7 series cards Look for Forceware 181.22 at this page NVIDIA Driver Downloads - Advanced Search Following products are supported GeForce GTX 295 GeForce GTX 285 GeForce GTX 280...