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  1. lohith

    Connecting Xbox one to TV without the SAT/cable set top box

    Guys I just bought xbox one s.but just found that it require set top box to connect. is there any way that allow me to play games without this hassle.i dont want to watch TV Channels in xbox i just want to play games. just plug n play set up can be achieved?
  2. lohith

    Budget 10-15K Which Among these to go for Xperia M,S Duos 2,Samsung Core

    Guys Which is best among XperiaM,Samsung S Duos 2 and Core?? Main usage will be Whatsapp and some light gaming, constant 2G net connection. which is better among the three? and i would like to avoid indian brands and the likes of huawei,lenovo etc other chinese brands. i want reasonable battery...
  3. lohith

    Graphic Cards Need help regarding the RMA Of faulty ZOTAC GTX 460.

    My Zotac gtx460 GPU is having problem.system wouldn't boot while the gpu is plugged and when i switch to onboard system works fine. i never tested it on another system though. Around December 2012 i bought the ZOTAC 460 1GB from a TE member. while buying i was told it has got warranty till mid...
  4. lohith

    Graphic Cards Please suggest a graphics card for rupees around 8000..

    Guys,i am looking to buy a new graphics card.budget 8k but can stretch till 10k. which is best among ATi 7750,7770 or Gtx 550ti,Gtx 560,Gtx 650!!! any other cards pls specify that as well. i am not a hardcore gamer!! i want to play games like Crysis 3, NFS MW 2012 etc. i dont want all glory...
  5. lohith

    Storage Solutions external Harddrive WD1tb slow write speed.

    I bought Western Digital External Harddrive(1Tb) this week. Problem is whenever i copy things to it from PC i get maximum of 20Mb of average speed.wasnt it supposed to be 480Mb?? is that 480Megabits??not bytes?? I think model is My Book Essential Edition 1 TB Hard Drives ( WDBAAF0010HBK)
  6. lohith

    Laptops Scroll option in touchpad not working in win7

    Laptop model is Toshiba A300 PSAGCE. Scrol option in touchpad is not working on windows7 OS. But it works fine in vista but not in windows7. any solutions please..
  7. lohith

    Storage Solutions Harddisk boot error!!

    I Have two Harddisks Samsung IDE 40GB(4 years Old) and a 160GB WD Sata. Recently my old IDE HDD started giving problem.I have two partitions on this and installed Two OS on these partitions.recently after few minutes of work say 15to30 minutes harddisk makes a weird noise like a small fan and...