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    Arcade stick for PS3 in Bangalore?

    Are they available in Bangalore? I play a lot of fighting games like super street fighter 4 and tekken 6. These games are better played on an arcade stick.
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    Ubuntu 10.04 Review : The Perfect distro ?

    Hah, I'm going to just get Linux Mint 9 anyway which is based on Ubuntu. It was pretty stupid on the part of Canonical to not include Gimp. Well, Mint has GIMP installed out of the box. :cool2: Good Review though.
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    The Street Fighter IV Thread

    opps here's the link : YouTube - SF4 Casuals: Viky BadGuy (Ryu) vs. Devin the Devil (Akuma)
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    The Street Fighter IV Thread

    Here is one of my matches. Recorded a long time ago. Hit me up on PSN. My handle is Viky101. I still haven't got Super though.
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    Friends id in PSN network

    which games do you play? I only play street fighter 4 atm. My psn is viky101