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  1. eraviii

    FS: Desktops ACER 27 INCH 144HZ 1MS ,AMD RYZEN 5 2600X / GTX 1660 / 24 GB RGB RAM / RGB CASE/M2 SSD/ 1 TB HDD

    Without monitor quote please..I would like to buy only cpu and keyboard
  2. eraviii

    Help on Website Hosting

    My site is currently hosted on and using their own hosting solution called easy wp , everything is fine as i got it very reasonably for an year. But started facing issues after 2 months where SSL certificate i have to procure and that alone itself is 2.5k. Could anybody suggest...
  3. eraviii

    Hello Guys

    Hi Just signed up, website looks cool. Looking forward to be active on this forum. Buy/Sell is my major point as i buy ps4 games a lot . thanks, Ravi
  4. eraviii

    WTB Assassins Creed Odyssey PS4 / Days Gone

    Looking for the above games AC Odyssey and Days Gone. I am located in bangalore can pickup within areas or dunzo can help. Please comment or DM me your offers , if any other games also fine .