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  1. Dr.Lakshay

    Mental or psychiatric disorders detection during pregnancy

    If you are talking about genetic disorders, then yes many can be detected by amniotic fluid testing. Karyotyping is done. But it's a costly affair.
  2. Dr.Lakshay

    Honda Activa owners beware!

    All this is true. But I think only with regards to old and used vehicles. Because with time the key hole cylinders and the key gets a lot of wear and tear and the specificity is lost due to that. I remember i used to take someone's pulsar 180 for joy rides when I was a kid using a chaiwala's...
  3. Dr.Lakshay - Feedback Thread

    Well it is. But Problem is that customs duty is calculated Then added to price of your product, And then gst 28% is charged on that new total. So you're Paying 70%! And now there is no exemption for orders below 5k value or orders marked as gift.
  4. Dr.Lakshay - Feedback Thread

    I think for this more than Ae, the current world situation is responsible. With covid and India China tension, the cheaper shipping options have closed down. And I think only essential items are allowed to be imported as per the GOI. May be with time and when things get better, we will again...
  5. Dr.Lakshay

    Car & Bike Planning to purchase new car.. 8lkhs,, ,credit card payment OK?

    Let me break it up into simpler language for you. Many credit cards have a cap on the number of reward points you can get for a single transaction. Even if you get "5%" reward points, 1 reward point is not equal to 1 rupee. It will be more like one fourth. It would have made sense if your cc...
  6. Dr.Lakshay

    Car & Bike Planning to purchase new car.. 8lkhs,, ,credit card payment OK?

    I guess there's no use trying to put sense into someone. How about you go ahead with it and let us all know how it goes and what advantage you get.
  7. Dr.Lakshay

    Car & Bike Planning to purchase new car.. 8lkhs,, ,credit card payment OK?

    Even if he does get a discount, he'll be better off using chq or rtgs and still save that extra 16k.!
  8. Dr.Lakshay

    Car & Bike Planning to purchase new car.. 8lkhs,, ,credit card payment OK?

    I dnt think so. But I'm sure people with more experience with credit card can chip in.
  9. Dr.Lakshay


    I don't understand the logic behind these violent protests. Have they made any demands? No. Then what do they want to show? That they can uproot the system? They sure can't. They want to make their presence? Well they have. Anytime after these protests when a police officer will look at a black...
  10. Dr.Lakshay - Feedback Thread

    Is it genuine? I highly doubt it. Because Microsoft is selling Windows 10pro for 200usd and these guys are selling Office pro and Windows 10 Pro combined for 15usd. How is that even possible.
  11. Dr.Lakshay

    Do you keep a Grab Bag?

    Even I have this apprehension. What if it gets stolen or lost or burns down. So I keep stuff separate but mostly organised. But people here are way more organised than I am. I too keep documents in email and offline in phone but not all. Keeping in digital format is yet another apprehension I...
  12. Dr.Lakshay

    Do you keep a Grab Bag?

    I think money would qualify to be required for emergency. So cash and debit/ credit cards should be included.
  13. Dr.Lakshay - Feedback Thread

    I'm not sure but I heard customs offices are working normally. I think they should be working because a lot of important stuff is imported in these tough times. Yes I'm talking about Medical equipment.
  14. Dr.Lakshay - Feedback Thread

    Anyone here who is still placing order on Aliexpress? I'm thinking of placing some orders now.
  15. Dr.Lakshay

    Life goes on....

    Oh. Completely missed that you had mentioned Madrid. That does change things a bit.
  16. Dr.Lakshay

    Life goes on....

    I hope she's worth it. Nowadays many nurse's aim is to hook a doctor. If she's genuine, congrats to the guy. But I feel they should inform their parents Atleast. Because one day it will come to light.
  17. Dr.Lakshay

    Gardening: what do I do with Coconut Husks?

    You could use 20% coconut husk in any and every pot/soil you use without worrying about it. It retains water just right and helps create some air pockets too. But don't use big pieces. Ideally I would say they should be chopped to small pieces (of around 1-2cm cube each).
  18. Dr.Lakshay

    Anybody using LED Grow Lights?

    It's been working good. I'm planning to buy a couple more to grow fruit trees without direct sunlight. These 8-10w bulb can cover 2-3 pots ideally.