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  1. vercetti

    Suggest a Front Load washer for 20-25K

    Hi Guys, We have finally given up on our 10 Year old Onida Washing Machine after incurring Year on Year maintenance and repair costs. Looking to get a new front loader. I see a lot of them with 19-25K in amazon and Flipkart - Need to know which one to buy. Would be operated by my Mom and just...
  2. vercetti

    Advice on Basic Home Color Printer (All in one - scanning included)- 5k -7k Budget

    Please recommend reliable Color Printer for home usage with printing for my dad around accounting info, color copies for tickets, etc Summary of requirements Color Printer with both color and black and white options Reliable/Durable Economic cartridges (most important)- My dad takes a...
  3. vercetti

    Advise needed for a 15L or 25L Electric water heater / geyser

    Hey Guys, my 12 year old 10L Racold Geyser has just died on me, looking to buy a good economic geyser. I stay in a rented house so looking for something which is value for money and not to heavy on the pockets. Budget around -5000-7000 INR. Would appreciate any advise. Thanks a lot in...
  4. vercetti

    Need to buy a front loading washing machine -15k-25k Budget

    Guys, I am in bangalore for the next 1.5 weeks and need to buy a new washing machine for my parents. Preference is front loading and I am mainly looking for "Value for money deal" and not something jazzy. Budget is flexible and can go upto 25K as well (or more) if the price is justified by...
  5. vercetti

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 White 16Gb - Almost new condition

    Almost new condition with all original accessories.... warranty has passed. Glass protector has been applied on the screen Brand new extra back cover will be included. As you can see from the pics the condition is immaculate with absolutely no marks and looks brand new (was always used with a...
  6. vercetti

    FS: Home Audio Video Logitech Z906 - Good condition. Check details on remote

    These have been kept nicely. I have been away for 3 years so they have caught dust. need to sell these off before i leave back in a weeks time. NOTE: I had left the batteries in the remote so there was a small leakage and tge remote no longer works. I think a quick visit to any electrical shop...
  7. vercetti

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

    Great mouse. Looks very professional and stylish. Reference:
  8. vercetti

    FS: Desktops 27" Monitor, i5 3570K, 8GB, 2TB, CM690, Noctua NH-D14, 600 Wt PSU, Fans, Onza, 3TB

    I am selling by beloved desktop as its lying unused and catching dust. I was abraod for 3 years and have come for vacation - so all these stuff are unused for 3 years. Looking to sell them quickly. the PC needs a little cleaning. I am posting this ad from the desktop so everything is in order...
  9. vercetti

    Suggestions needed for a good room heater for mom and Dad in Bangalore

    Hey Guys, So my dad wants to get ourselves a room heater in bangalore to fight the minor chilly mornings:) I am not in the country so looking to get something online. I did some research but was not able to really understand what is best. Budget is 2000-6000 and would prefer a remote and a...
  10. vercetti

    FS: Mobile iphone 5 16GB White - Great condition - No warranty - BANGALORE ONLY

    Selling old iphone 5 White 16 GB. Great condition - always used with front and back guards (currently glass protector applied on the screen). No Marks on screen. The Cable is old and sometimes does not charge - so u may need to buy a new cable No Shipping - Phone is with my wife in Blore from...
  11. vercetti

    Need Suggestions in buying a hearing AID for a senior citizen

    Hey Guys, So I need to buy a hearing AID for a senior citizen. The person is completely deaf from one ear and has 40% reception in the other ear. So only 1 hearing AID needed for the 40% functioning ear. Upon doing some research I found that there are a plethora of types available raning from...
  12. vercetti

    Android Need Suggestion - Free VPN service to change current country

    Guys, I know there are many apps and windows applications out there which allows us to break free of the Geo restrictions by simulation of our current location. One such app is "Hotspot Shield" I have installed this on my PC and works wonders. (I am in HK and have stimulated my location to...
  13. vercetti

    Advice needed - Buying Nakamichi Sound Space 10

    Hey Guys, I am getting a good deal on the Nakamichi Sound space 10. I saw that these come now as well for around 2-3 lakhs or even more and I am getting this for around 20k. I am looking to...
  14. vercetti

    Need Help : Not able to download .torrent files from most sites in laptop

    I have been downloading torrents for 6-7 years now. Recently my company gave me a new laptop (Dell E7440 Ultrabook) Issue is that I am not able to download .torrent files from most sites where I get a "This web page is not available" error. Sites from I am able to download:
  15. vercetti

    Suggest a 285-350L Refrigerator - Budget 20-25k

    Hi All, My 10 years old fridge gave up on me early:( so I need to go for a new one). My requirement are as below: 4 start or above rating Inverter design giving max savings and max warranty Budget 20-25k Can you guys please help me here. I am in Hong Kong now so looking to zero in on a model...
  16. vercetti

    Needs directions for Hotels in Puri

    Guys, if anyone has idea about value for money hotels in PURI. Budget around 1-2k per room and location should be near Jagannath Temple. Staying there for 2 days and any guidance would be greatly appreciated
  17. vercetti

    FS: Others Kinect Adapter and xbox 360 headset

    Selling a Kinect USB adapter and Cable (to connect to PC or old xbox 360's) Rs 950 Also, Xbox headset (Black color). Rs...
  18. vercetti

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Collection of Wired Mice - Local Buyers Preferred

    Microsoft mouse: Lenovo: Dell Laser: For other...
  19. vercetti

    WD 2.5" Elements & ULTRA for 6990 & 7490 Respectively

    Awesome deal on Flipkart: WD Elements 2.5 inch 2 TB External Hard Drive: 6990 WD Passport Ultra 2.5 inch 2 TB External Hard Drive: 7490...
  20. vercetti

    CPU/Mobo Suggestion needed - i3 or similar processor with mother board only

    Hi guys, My friend has a requirement to buy only processor and mother board. Budget is 8k-10k He wants an i3 or similar configuration. Have zeroed in on the below - any inputs or suggestions...