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    English TV series discussion

    What? No supernatural? The BEST show in the past couple of years!
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    Audio Noob Need Upgrade from EP-630 to Audio Heaven

    Get the nuforce NE-6 and enjoy it for a couple of years. Sad side story: Somebody stole mine from within my pocket when I was waiting in a line to buy tickets at the station :( (Luckyly, I also had my HD2 in the same pocket which escaped being nicked)
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    Your favourite mango(s)

    Depends on which type of tree they are hanging from ;)
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    Limited Options for wifi router

    But the best in terms of customization (with 3rd party f/w) +1 for the WRT54GL
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    REVIEW: Soundmagic PL-30 earphones & Fiio E3 amplifier.

    Great review dude! How is the FiiO when paired with the ep-6300s? Thanks!
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    English TV series discussion

    Re: Please suggest an english TV series How I met your mother <----Robin gave me a couple of sleepless nights! Another titbit -Alyson Hannigan who plays Lily Aldrin went to my college! Chuck - T:SCC Big bang theory In that order
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    Confused in giving IELTS !!

    I know 3 months is really long....I only prepared for 1 day :p 3 months was for the complete GRE+TOEFL prep bad I did not put it clearly.
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    Confused in giving IELTS !!

    The easiest way to crack these English tests is to read read read and read. Reading is the best way to pick up grammar rather than just mugging the grammatical rules etc. As for listening, try pod casting or audio books. The best way to improve your listening skills. For speaking, I think it...
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    Review:MX Revolution

    Now go and install uberoptions fro setpoint (google it). Changes the whole software aspect of the mouse. I have personally set the zoom wheel to change system volume and the click on that wheel to mute/unmute. Also, I changed the middle-click to the search button with the main wheel's click set...
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    Dealextreme order...query

    it took 2-3 weeks for my stuff to come after i ordered.
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    The Desktop Thread!!

    Sorry dude :) @whatsinaname Wallpaper of the monster please!!!
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    For all those who get stumped with internet jargon like me !

    add 4chan to it...the ultimate go-to for naughty stuff
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    Your daily sites?

    my day starts with Slashdot and engadget. Then comes RLSLog, gmail, lifehacker, download squad, BBC news, Gadling, sepiamutiny, hack a day, fark, dans data, digg, woot and netvibes for some other misc stuff.
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    Windows Experience Index in "Windows 7"

    here is mine...2.1GHz C2D on build 7068 x64
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    Is boarding school a real solution to impart discipline?

    So, my point still holds. An year or two at boarding school won't hurt anyone.
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    adblock for Google Chrome

    +1 for privoxy! It is open source and really light on system resources.
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    Is boarding school a real solution to impart discipline?

    My mom opted not to work despite being a PhD in electronics because she put her three children's upbringing above her own career. When I was in my 9th class, she realized I was not going to grow up into an independent adult if I was at home. She put me in a hostel for an year during my 10th...
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    How is youtele 192 kbps plan

    I have nothing but good memories of Iqara/you tele :) Had that ISP for more than 4 years (254Kb/s UL) and only 1Hour of downtime in the whole period!
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    India ranks 115th in net connection speed

    Even time warner cable sucks.....but the most fracking thing aboot the ISPs is they give shitty modems and routers with the connections which totally die if more than 3-4 systems are connected at once.