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    Super Stylish phone with Good Battery Life

    I need to buy a phone having good looks and a good battery life. I don't need many features, a normal 2MP or more camera would do and FM would be preferable. It shouldn't be bulky though. I had earlier decided on LG KF510, but it seems from reviews that its battery life is not that good...
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    Delhi Guys...Help Needed

    I would soon be moving to Delhi and i would purchasing a new mobile connection there. So which has the Best network among Airtel, Idea and Hutch.Also i would be requiring GPRS services, so which would provide me with the cheapest.
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    Need Phone with Handwriting Recognition

    Hello Guys Finally I've Decided its time to upgrade my old phone, 'cause its gone baad :ohyeah: and thankfully have some moolah too. I'm lookin for a phone with handwriting recognition and a good camera(though normal vga cam will do, if things aren't in budget). My Budget is around 13-16k.I...
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    CPU/Mobo Turion64 - a DuD ?

    Here's an interesting Article on AMD's new Turion64 proccessor The new AMD procc. is clearly beaten everywhere(except the synthetic sandra) quite comprehensively by Pentium M, weather it be power consumption, Gaming Performance or...
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    Cellphones with Force Feedback

    NGage has competitor, Samsung is soon gonna launch gaming handsets SPH-G1000 and SCH-G100 with force feedback and graphics accelerators capable of handling up to 1M polygons per second Source
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    Amazing Anagrams

    Anagrams are words or phrases made by transposing or rearranging letter of other words or phrases. This is a list of some pretty dam good ones, obviously there are people out there with way too much time on their hands. Lets have a look at them... "Dormitory" - Dirty Room "Evangelist" -...
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    Locked Phone Memory

    I've got a Nokia 3530. Recently i've ran out of SIM memory for phonebook, so i tried enabling the phone memory.When i tried to do so, it says "Phone Memory Protected" and asks be for a security code. I don't know this security code, so as a result i can not enable the phone memory. Can anybody...
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    E-Mail makes you Dumb

    Modern technology depletes human cognitive abilities more rapidly than drugs, according to a psychiatric study conducted at King's College, London. And the curse of 'messaging' is to blame. Email users suffered a 10 per cent drop in IQ scores, more than twice the fall recorded by marijuana...
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    Comprehensive Browser Speed Comparison Guide

    Here's a neat guide which compares all the major browsers exsiting today, on Linux, MacOS and Windows. The Test result for windows Take that Firefox Fanboys :bleh: :tongue:
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    Of Techies and Managers

    Once a guy who was in a hot air balloon acciedenly makes the balloon fly, as he didn't know how to control the balloon, he went far far away.By the time he balloon reached the ground back, he was lost and that too in a lonely place. As he wandered around, he saw a guy, he immediatly asked him...
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    OC & Modding Athlon XP to MP Mod

    This thread is only for informational purpose, and if you wanna try this MOD, do it at your own risk Here's a way of modding your old Athlon XP Desktop CPU to Equivalent Athlon MP CPU :ohyeah: The possible use i can think of this...
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    A Special way to say "I Love You"

    Saying 'I Love You' your own special way. This guy, a Shanghai university student, wanted to express his unfathomable love to his sweetheart. So, what did he do........? He gave chocolates to all the girls living in the University student apartments and asked them to turn...
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    Spot The Difference

    Can you guyz analyse the difference b/w the two photos, There are 10 difference to be found, so far i managed only find out three
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    CPU/Mobo Which AMD Socket 754 Mobo?

    I'm planing to upgrade my system and get an Athlon 64 s754 based config. I wanted to know which mainboard chipset, which offers best performance, currently the 3 available ones are nforce, via and SiS. I don't plan to OC it, so which mobo gives the best performance at stock speeds at cheapest price
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    Doom3 Woes

    Hello Guys I've recently got a problem developed in Doom3, whenever i start the game, i get the error message as It was running fine few days ago. Any Ideas of fixing it :clap: , other than to install the whole game again :no:
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    The Sheriff is here

    Hi all you people out there ! Greetings from Sheriff :hap2: Hope to have a nice time around :cool2: