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    WTB Playstation 3 Slim Console (Without Accessories)

    Hi Guys, I would like to buy a used PS3 Slim Console Preferably (sealed, i.e. never opened for repairs) and from Series CECH-2000 or 2100 series would be best. Please Note: Accessories like controller, power cable, HDD are not required. Only the working console will do. Budget: 7k or less. PM...
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    Hi all, GSKILL SNIPER SR2 DDR3 1600MHZ DESKTOP RAM (Total 16GB) 2 x Sticks are 1.25v purchased in 2011 2 x Sticks are 1.50v purchased in 2015 I will sell all 4 sticks together only. 4 GB each. CL9 Sticks All 4 sticks are working perfectly, they have never been overclocked and have lifetime...
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    FS: RAM Gskill Sniper SR2 (4 x 4Gb Sticks) 16gb 1600mhz

    Hi All, 2 x Sticks are 1.25v purchased in 2011 2 x Sticks are 1.50v purchased in 2015 All sticks can be used on the same motherboard in dual channel @1600mhz by changing the DRAM voltage in bios to 1.50v. Otherwise all off them will run by default at 1333mhz due to the voltage difference...
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    FS: Games The Last of Us (Remastered, PS4)

    Dear All, Got these 2 games with my PS4 1TB Bundle today from Amazon, I don't need them as I have already completed them on PS3. -GOW3 Seal in intact. -The Last of us I opened and ran only once to check my PS4. Both 3.3K Shipped and 3K for Mumbai Buyers if them can come to collect. Also open...
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    FS: Laptop Apple MacBook Pro MF839HN/A 13-inch Laptop (Core i5/8GB/128GB/OS X Yosemite/Intel Iris Graphics 6100

    Hi all, I had purchased this Macbook pro retina, early 2015 model, 128gb ssd, out of curiosity to see what mac is really all about and thought I would keep it for a long time. But after sparingly using it for few days, Mac didn't thrill me and its of no use to me. Hence want to sell it. I am...
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    WTB Gskill Sniper F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR2 8GB(2 X 4GB)

    Hi Guys, Any of you willing to sell the above ram kit (1.25v). Please let pm me with a good offer. Want to buy it asap.
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    WTB ASUS P8Z77-V PRO/Thunderbolt Motherboard

    Dear All, I urgently require a mobo which should be equivalent to the one mentioned in the title or above. My current Mobo P8Z68-V PRO died after serving for almost 4 years. I have a i7 2600k LGA1155 setup, hence require only Z68 or Z77 chipset based Mobo. Looking to find one soon with a good...
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice CM Speed-RX M Pad & CM Storm Mouse

    Dear all, My Devastator Combo Just arrived now. I just needed the keyboard from it. Need to sell of the Mouse and the Mouse pad as I don't need it. Looking for a quick sale. Link...
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    Android Oneplus One Touch Screen Problems

    Hi all, I had bought Oneplus one from Amazon in December 2014, For the first month or so it was working perfectly. But now from a few days the touch screen is not working properly. Problems that I am facing: 1) Touch doesnt get registered now and then. 2) Fast typing is not possible as many...
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    FS: Consoles Xbox 360 Slim power supply

    Hi all, Want to sell this off as it has been lying unused for a long time and is still in its original packing. Its actually from a friend who had got it replaced for a US power brick. I will give 3 days testing warranty just in case. Looking for a quick sale. No negotiations on this please as...
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    FS: Mobile Moto E

    Hi all, I am selling my 6 months old Moto E which is in pristine condition. Zero Scratches as it was used with a screen guard and a back hard case from day one. Phone has no issues whatsoever. Its charger was recently replaced with a new one from its official service center, as the one came...
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    FS: Mobile Xiaomi Mi3 16GB Indian Version

    Hi friends, Want to sell my Xiaomi Mi3 asap as I have purchased Oneplus One. Now, there is only one issue with this phone that there are some marks or lines inside the screen that started appearing few days back but have not increased.(Check the pics) These marks are only visible in white...
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    FS: Video Card Sapphire HD 7770 1GB GHz Edition

    Hi Friends, Some details about this card are as follows.... The card was purchased by a fellow TE Member on 6/11/09 which was a HD 5770 1GB DDR5 and then he replaced it twice within 1 year. After that I had bought the Card from him and had to replace it after few months of usage and I got an...
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    Audio Best 5.1 Speakers under 10k

    Hi guys, please suggest me the best 5.1 speakers available under 10k, budget can be extended a bit if the speakers are really good. Thank you.Edifier DA5000PRO VS F&D F6000U
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    Loop mobile sims are not working in my Mi3

    All Loop mobile sims are not working in my Mi3, rest all other sim cards of other service provider are working fine. Dont know what the issue is, I have already made a complaint regarding this issue to flipkart.
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    FS: Consoles Xbox 360 Slim Power Adapter(Original)

    Product Name: Xbox 360 Slim Power Adapter(Original, unused) Expected Price: Rs 1600 Shipped Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Brand new unused Reason for Sale: Don't need anymore Product condition: Physical condition - 10/10 in original packaging...
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    Two Awesome Deals Check it out(Only one day Sale Offer)

    1) Portronics Mojo (Emergency Charger+ Rechargeable Torch) Portronics Mojo (Emergency Charger+ Rechargeable Torch) Use Coupon: SCPM59 Price: 659/- Shipped Review: Portronics MOJO Charger - The Convenient, Portable Charger 2) Reliance Classic 7310(All gsm sim will work) Buy Reliance Classic 7310...
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    FS: Headphone Sennheiser HD 419 Heaphone *Brand New*

    Product Name: Sennheiser HD 419 Heaphone Expected Price: Rs 2000/- Shipped (Local buyers preferred) Manufacturer page URL: Description: Got with my Galaxy Note Brand...
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    Strontium 8GB Pollex Pen Drive @Rs.129/- Shipped

    Guys get this offer asap. Strontium 8GB Pollex Pen Drive @Rs.129/- Shipped Apply the following coupon code to avail the offer SCSM99 ENJOY...
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    Nintendo Wii & Xbox 360 Accessories for Sale

    Hi guys, I have some left over stuff from xbox and nintendo wii that I no more require now hence putting them up for sale. Product Name: Nintendo Wii Classic Wired Controller(Original) Expected Price: Rs 550/- Shipped Description if any: Sparingly used, now just lying unused from some time...