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    Faced fraud attempt from fraud running through old official Hitachi customer care no - complete with home visit

    So mother called the number(1860-258-4848) which she had saved on her phone for Hitachi to service 1 AC and 1 remote. Two people badly dressed - without any gloves and wearing handkerchief and that black chinese mask - came. They were not even handling those masks properly. Unfortunately she let...
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    Android Internet working on PC via tethering, but not working on smartphone itself

    Anyone have any idea? Its an old lenovo k3 note. I've tried two different sims from different providers and tried to access internet with multiple apps and checked all the settings. Google chrome throws 'err_address_undreachable'
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    Budget 10-15K Smartphone with good camera (especially video) for around 10k

    Something reliable that I can shoot occasional good quality videos with. Also not sure if I wait a little for some new launch 1. Budget? A: 10k, can stretch to around 15k 2. Preferred display size, type and resolution? A: I think around 5.5" max, but I just haven't used anything above that so...
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    Cheap, reliable wireless headphone, not for music

    Need a cheap BT headphone for Android phone that won't shock me with some sweat. Probably won't be using it for music, so even one piece(mono) is enough. No need for mic. As cheap as possible in the above criteria. Also, Amazon is so filled with Chinese crap its tough to tell whats 'branded'
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    Storage Solutions Bent hdd sata connector while removing it..

    The repair guy who I'd given my pc to recently replaced the sata cable without telling me with a 90 degree one and I ended up pulling it and breaking the sata port on the hdd. Feel angry and dumb. The end part on one of the pins is missing. I have the data backed up on an external drive but dont...
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    ACT not removing ONT box

    I have been going around for 2 months askIng to remove their ONT box in Delhi as I have to shift abd landlord wants to get wall renovated. I have mailed and talked to customer care, nodal officer, their workers who you can often find squatting In public parks lying down on a bench playing with...
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    WD elements 1.5 TB for 3.6k on Amazon - to buy or not (urgent) This USB...
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    Xtreme Traffic shaping by Hathway!

    I got a Hathway since they have Fiber here(Delhi) and I couldn't read a review of bad performance coming from Hathway itself (not last mile issues). They offered 150mbit/s UL for 889/- and waived installation. I was skeptical but since many were doing similar offers, I took it. Anyway I get the...
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    Audio Where to get headphone (Samson SR 950) repaired?

    My SR 950, bought 2 years back, was only giving sound on shifting the wire for quite some time. But now even then sometimes it doesn't give sound or/and gives mono. I think it's not that big a problem so I want to get it repaired. Should I just get it repaired from any local guy? I'm in Delhi btw..
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    Now Nextra giving no FUP plans in Delhi 20mbps 1099 * 30mbps 1399 * 50mbps 1999 * *Exclusive of Service tax They cover a large part of Delhi(though not in colonies, where Excitel is active) and are present in all parts where ACT has launched ;) . Have not used their service myself...
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    VPN recommendations?

    I need a reliable VPN which gives good speed I.e stream 1080p and 2k from multiple sites which should be around 13mbps when I'm getting 16-20mbps. It should also be good enough for general browsing and stable speeds TO various Int servers. I want to use vpn servers in or near India. It should be...
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    Do other ISP's provide unlimited peering (Youtube etc)?

    Was using Excitel, and pretty impressed by the peering. Though normal speed is limited to 10mbps, YT speed is 30mbps even in videos with very less views / less popular channels. Sometimes I have to refresh the page, but that problem may be with browser/YT as I was getting this problem in RCOM...
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    Monitors What service to ship an LED monitor?

    I need to ship an 23" LED monitor form Chennai to Delhi. I'm in Delhi so I'd like if the courier guys go to the location to pick up the monitor. Current market cost of the product is around 9.5k. First priority is that it should come undamaged. The monitor is already packaged in the box with...