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  1. The Sauron

    Hello Members

    Hello , I have logged in after very long time. I really miss golden 2007-2010 period of TE. any old fella who know me still here!!! roboghost, sidhu, darkstar, crazy even i forgot many names.... Have fun guys ...enjoy exploring .....
  2. The Sauron

    FS: Networking Wireless Router, Power Bank , Dlink, Belkin

    There are two Dlink N-150 DIR 506L Share port go router, One Belkin Dual Band travel Router for sale. These are never used, opened for testing working condition only. Lying idle since last one year. 1. Dlink N-150 DIR 506L Share port go router ---2 Piece-----850/- each shipped (With Invoice)...
  3. The Sauron

    Less than 10K Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG / Others

    1. Budget? A: 6-1.2k 2. Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar / Others 3. Preferred display type? A: IPS 4. Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them. A: ASUS / Motorola / Others 5. Preferred input method (Touchscreen, QWERTY, etc.)? A: Touchscreen 6. Camera...
  4. The Sauron

    WTB Motherboard Socket 478 (P4 PIN type CPU, DDR1)

    Hi, Looking for working Motherboard Socket 478 (P4 PIN type CPU, DDR1) with 2 day testing assurance. Thanks
  5. The Sauron

    WTB Hd 5670 /6670

    Hd 5670/5770/ /6670/6770 I want to buy HD 5670/5770/ /6670/6770 in price range 2400-5000 appox. eBay lister preferred. Thanks
  6. The Sauron

    Any HDD 80/160/320/500/1/1.5/2Gb

    4-5 HDD required of any capacity onwards 80GB> 80,160,320,500,1,1.5 GB in working condition/RMed etc without any error. Send your offer either here or by PM with HDD Tune screen shots,warranty,price. Thanks
  7. The Sauron

    Webhosting Renewal Options

    Hi, What would be the best alternate to godaddy webhosting / are cheap godaddy renewal options? Thanks
  8. The Sauron

    BSNL BB Best Plan Selector (Version 1.3 )

    This tool was released months ago but updated regularly, useful for BSNL broadband, EVDO, 3G Data or WiMax plan selection by filling desired details. BSNL BB Plan Selector
  9. The Sauron

    Graphic Cards Palit Service Centre/ RMA procedure.

    Hi, I have tried searching on Palit website but no proper information found. I want to know about RMA policy and service center information in the north India region. 1. What is RMA procedure for a Palit graphic card who is imported by Mediaman Infotech Pvt. Ltd near about a year ago? 2. Is...
  10. The Sauron

    GPU ATI 5670/5570/5XXX GF240/2XX(Price 1.5k-3k)

    Looking for used GPU with Indian warranty in the price range 1.5k-3k. GPU ATI 5670/5570/5XXX GF240/2XX 9600GT etc. TIA
  11. The Sauron

    ADSL Modem For BSNL WiFi/Wired/USB/RJ45

    ADSL Modem For BSNL (WiFi/Wired/USB/RJ45) Hi, An used ADSL Modem required for BSNL broadband WiFi/Wired/USB/RJ45, any will do the job. Should not have aging sign. People may also suggest optimal modem cum router to use with BSNL broadband. TIA
  12. The Sauron

    Need help to send Rakhi in Canada....

    Fastest way to send rakhi(Raksha Bandhan) Hi, As the rakhi festival coming up, my sister want to send rakhi(Rakhi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Is there any reliable online store delivering rakhi to Canada within 3-5 days? I found some links like... Send Rakhi to Canada,Rakhi to...
  13. The Sauron

    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi I/O Drive Bay

    As the title suggests I am looking for X-Fi I/O Drive bay for "Sound Blaster X-Fiâ„¢ Platinum - Fatal1ty Champion Series or Xtreme Music PCI sound card" Alone drive bay would be enough no remote required. Thanks
  14. The Sauron

    MB+CPU+RAM (Any P3/P4/AMD 462/754/939)

    I am looking for cheapest possible working components which can run Windows XP. Any P3/Celeron/P4/AMD 462/754/939/AM2 CPU with compatible MB, RAM, HDD as a combo in budget <1000-1500 Rs. Testing warranty of 7 days required. Please send offers by PM for negotiation on price ,etc.
  15. The Sauron

    AC Gas Flling Charges 1.5 Ton Windows.

    Hi, Last night AC giveup on cool air. I checked airfilter, condensation coils and cleaned but still zero cooling. I called in service man, he said there is leakage of gas and refilling+service +home pickup to shop & back charges would be around 3000/- To verify charges I called in other man...
  16. The Sauron

    4G Telecom Services Likely by next year in India.

    4G mobile telephony likely by next year: Industry Source 4G mobile telephony likely by next year: Industry - The Economic Times India Regulator to Send Proposals on 4G Telecom Services by June Source India Regulator to Send Proposals on 4G Telecom Services by June -
  17. The Sauron

    SB X Fi Xtreme Audio Sound Card.

    As the title suggests I have "SB X Fi Xtreme Audio PCI Sound Card" for sale in a good condition.
  18. The Sauron

    Point of View Black Diamond 500W PSU

    For sale is "Point of View Black Diamond 500W PSU" in good working condition, not in use since last 8 month. Expected price--1200+Shipping at actual. Warranty--No warranty left. Location---Moga(Punjab) Specifications-- :: Point of View :: Point of View Black Diamond 500W: specificaties...
  19. The Sauron

    BSNL Reformulation of Broardband plans & launch of a new Unlimited Broadband Plan-850

    Details of Reformulation of existing Postpaid Broadband Plans and launch of a new Unlimited Broadband Plan-850 as follows : Exclusive : BSNL Renovate Its BroadBand Plans, Intros New Unlimited Plan Exclusive : BSNL Renovate Its BroadBand Plans, Intros New Unlimited Plan BSNL has also...
  20. The Sauron

    BSNL Internet Plan Selector Tool(3G Data, BB, EVDO, WiMAX)

    BSNL has introduced Internet plan selector tool for Broadband, EVDO, 3G Data and WiMax services. Here you can find plan with price, monthly budget, data usage, desired speed, night Unlimited, Home/Business with the choice of circle and state. Link for the tool with plans. BB Plan Selector