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  1. blackperl

    WTB NZXT 820 ultra tower

    Hello I want to buy nzxt 820 ultra tower prefer color white if any one interested in selling,please let me know shipping new delhi thanks
  2. blackperl

    FS: Processor Intel E5200 dual core with orinal hsf

    I will give 3 days testing warranty .its LGA 775 cpu intel E5200 dual core
  3. blackperl

    FS: Storage Hardware Newly rma,within warranty,seagate 1 TB sata HDD

    Shipping i think will be approx 200 Rs .prefer local deal little info Model ID ST1000DM003 Device Desktop Device Type 3.5 inch HDD Drive Capacity 1 TB Spin Speed 7200 rpm Interface SATA 6.0 Gbps Cache Memory 64 MB Transfer Rate 210 Mbps I/O Transfer Rate 600 Mbps Average Latency 4.16 ms Average...
  4. blackperl

    FS: Motherboard Asus P5G41C-M LX n 2x2 DDR2 800MHz RAM

    MOBO Sold Second sale 2x2 800MHZ Kingston ddr2 ram sale Kingston DDR2 2 GB PC RAM (KVR800D2N6/2G) more info Expected Price (Rs): 2000 Item Condition: 4 out of 5 Purchase Date: 1/01/2013 Remaining Warranty...
  5. blackperl

    Graphic Cards heatsink fan for zotac 9800GT amp

    hello my Zotac 9800GT amp edition stock fan making weared sound ,so i want to buy a new stock fan like this online from some Indian site please let me know if you have any info here is the fan pic...
  6. blackperl

    WTB cabinet nzxt phantom 410 or Cooler master 932/922

    hello I want to buy nzxt phantom 410/craft /Phantom 530 or Cooler master 932/922 cabinet if any one interested to sell ,please let me know location NCR (preferred Delhi ) thanks
  7. blackperl

    CPU/Mobo which mobo to buy,asrock B75 Pro3-M or GA-B75M-D3H

    Hello i want help guys i wana upgrade my system so i decided to buy new mobo n process for normal use n some time gaming i have selected 2 mobo gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H and Asrock B75 Pro3-M have 8 gb ram of 1333 clock please suggest me which one will be better for me process will be g2020 intel...
  8. blackperl

    Storage Solutions From where to buy Toshiba and hitachi 2/3TB drive

    Hello friends i am staying in Delhi ,can any one tell me the shop in nehru place or any other place to buy tosiba or Hitachi 2/3 Tb drive as there drive are available in India thanks for your helpI got it today with rashi...
  9. blackperl

    WTB corsair vx450

    i want to buy corsair vx 450 smps in working condetion prefer delhi seller ,budget 2-2.5 k thanks for your time :)
  10. blackperl

    PC Peripherals which smps - cx430, vx450 or Seasonic S12II-430

    guys please help me decide to buy new smps I want to buy for normal use n have 9800GT gfx +5 hdd tell me which one is best for me "corsair cx430 or vx450 or Seasonic S12II-430 " where i can buy vx450 from nehru place and what will be the price thanks for your time
  11. blackperl

    TP link TL-WR841N,need modem to access the mtnl BB

    hello sorry for lame question I am planning to buy Tplink TL-WR841N,i wan to ask ,so i still need to buy separate modem to access my mtnl BB
  12. blackperl

    Suggest some good food processor

    hello can some one suggest me some good food processor,budget is around 5-7k i need a heavy motor food processor :)
  13. blackperl

    1.5 v LR6 battery or 1.2 v Nimh battery for kodak c143

    Hello i m new user of digital.i bought kodak easy share c143 cam they battery came with cam was 1.5 alkaline LR6.while the rechargable battery came with charger (freebie) is 1.2 NiMh battery now i m confuse.before i used 1.5vLR6 batteries after they are dead now i have to use those 1.2v...
  14. blackperl

    Storage Solutions Seagate ST31000333AS died ,what to do

    today i think my ST31000333AS died bought 1 month ago,SMART fail i can't open one partition from this HDD.taking 5-10 min to boot as i m using it as slave drive. i got warning HDD error and SMART fail:S now what to do ?? any one know replacements center in delhi ?? will they give new or repaired...
  15. blackperl

    OC & Modding Intel E5200 temp at Gigabyte UD3L without overclock here is mine temp without overclock using Intel cooler seems something wrong
  16. blackperl

    hello all

    hello all i m from new Delhi n i m new for this forum !! i came here while i got the link at digit forum.nice site n forum :ohyeah: