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  1. blkrb0t

    Buying from Decathlon

    Maybe those shoes aren't designed for your feet. I've felt the same with some high-end shoes, the same which fit perfectly for my friend. The only thing we can compare are build quality (and the material used) and whether they perform the function they're intended for well. The shoes had a...
  2. blkrb0t

    Customer consent must to charge Service charge or else its Illegal!

    Like a software's Terms of Use, we'll just have a Terms of Ordering in all the menus at restaurants. Most restaurants who have service charge already mention it. Now they'll just be more explicit to be on the safer side.
  3. blkrb0t

    If Vijay Mallaya Can, Why Can't I: 'Safai' Worker Seeks Loan Waive Off

    How many loans that have been written off in the past have actually been recovered? I think if we could dig up the history of such cases, we can know whether writing off such huge loans is really just an accounting standard or yet another way to let go of rich and influential loan defaulters.
  4. blkrb0t

    Buying from Decathlon

    Almost 80% of my sports and training gear is from Decathlon. They're all worth it. I agree that some products have QC issues, but at the price they go for they're still value for money.
  5. blkrb0t

    Act Fibernet (Hyderabad) Plans Upgraded

    No communication, but my friend got an SMS.
  6. blkrb0t

    Act Fibernet (Hyderabad) Plans Upgraded

    Both my Home and Office connections have been upgraded in Bangalore. FUP increased from 60GB to 75GB at home, and from 75GB to 100GB at office.
  7. blkrb0t

    Affiliate link URLs and IP?

    You're right. The URL itself isn't in contention here, but the whole list consisting of select books which are great reads. It takes effort to curate such a list and keep it updated. Also, the original guy who makes it is open about the affiliate marketing angle, which is the ethical way to go...
  8. blkrb0t

    Affiliate link URLs and IP?

    Haha, @avi did you copy the previous book lists from the Broke Bibliophiles fb group? And then change the affiliate I'd? That guy is naturally pissed after finding about it.
  9. blkrb0t

    You may get 3 yrs in jail, Rs 3 lakhs fine for downloading copyrighted content

    So, there's more to this than what the messaging would have us believe. Read as is, it would imply we'll be punished for just viewing the website hosting the torrent.
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    Budget 71-90K Work Laptop Suggestions (Typing + Image Editing)

    Like remap Fn to Ctrl and vice-versa? That's a good idea. I'll look into it.
  11. blkrb0t

    Budget 71-90K Work Laptop Suggestions (Typing + Image Editing)

    The Dell showroom guy told me otherwise. And I needed a laptop ASAP. How's the Dell Vostro?
  12. blkrb0t

    Budget 71-90K Work Laptop Suggestions (Typing + Image Editing)

    HP models aren't that great. I checked all of them. Dell Inspiron series was the next best bet, but those have average build quality at best, and the keyboard/touchpad creaks, even in high-end models. Dell Latitude series I kind of liked from online reviews, but that can't be bought by...
  13. blkrb0t

    Budget 71-90K Work Laptop Suggestions (Typing + Image Editing)

    Update: Settled for Lenovo ThinkPad E460 (i7/8GB RAM/2GB Graphics). Cost around 74k in S.P. Road. Everything about the laptop is good, save for the screen. I'd really appreciate a FullHD screen at this budget. The current one is barely decent, though it's matte (and anti-glare). Yet to...
  14. blkrb0t

    Budget 71-90K Work Laptop Suggestions (Typing + Image Editing)

    Hi, I'm starting a creative agency soon and I'm on the lookout for a new work laptop. What's your Budget? (e.g. >30K, not more than 50K etc.) - Ideally around 70k, but I'm willing to spend up to 90k (maybe a bit beyond that if highly necessary). What will be your primary usage for the notebook...
  15. blkrb0t

    Monitors I need to buy the Dell U2515H monitor

    What is this monitor used for mainly? Graphic designing? I'm looking for a monitor for the same, around 20k budget. If it's great, please pass on the contact to me too @Arkon.
  16. blkrb0t

    Careers and Employment Thread

    Selling fridge to an Eskimo is a cliché now :p How about selling what they need, like a hot cup of tea? :D Is this a full-time position? I can't commit to full-time work now. I'm tied up as a Lead Content Writer at a startup. Anyway, send me the details. I know many who're looking for work...
  17. blkrb0t

    The Fitness Thread !

    Interesting. I never knew such things existed. Looked pretty alien to me when I first saw it.
  18. blkrb0t

    Android Request/Offer: OnePlus 2 Invites

    OK, I've claimed it as said before. If anyone wants it, PM me.
  19. blkrb0t

    Flipkart's Big Billion App only sale does $300M Business & Why its still a flop sale

    You need to understand the main reason behind these sales. They're not meant to give away products at cheap prices. They're meant to attract people to their portal, where they'll end up buying other stuff too. They know which products sell the most. So, they sell those ones at dirt cheap prices...