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  1. Arv90

    Pulwama attack

    So you'll count the 40 soldiers at Pulwama as an appetizer?
  2. Arv90

    Rahul Gandhi on Rs 12K minimum income plan for poor

    I have a colleague from Andhra who has already taken loan last December for the very same reason. He got a 2 lakh waiver in the last election and is expecting the same to happen this year as well. What a pity!:(
  3. Arv90

    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    I can relate this to a certain bhakt's English know-how on this forum:D Page Number 32 on the manifesto. Reference: BJP-election-2019-mainfesto
  4. Arv90

    Looking for IT Job in Mumbai

    FYI,few of the official job portals I can recollect now. Just browse through them and check for any suitable positions https://cognizant.taleo.nett My...
  5. Arv90

    Looking for IT Job in Mumbai

    Best way is to upload your profile on and flag yourself as "Immediately available" or with an approximate notice period. Compared to Linkedin, likes of Naukri and other job portals will be more quick where most HR consultancies are active. Parallely do a regular "content" search on...
  6. Arv90

    When A TV Buyer was Sold Insurance Policy as Extended Warranty!

    Wonder what was Jeeves was selling me in 2016. Have been thinking lately to buy an hassle-less AMC but still not able to make up my mind
  7. Arv90

    IRCTC e-ticketing website migration to TLS 1.2

    There can be remote places where XP and BSNL's 64 kbps/dial-in internet will be the only available choice. Our customer still uses Windows Server 2003 which is not supported and we literally had to change the setup to use SFTP instead of HTTP since the customer did not want to touch their legacy...
  8. Arv90

    IRCTC e-ticketing website migration to TLS 1.2

    That is because IRCTC is using SAP(or some other ERP tool) and TLS 1.2 has become the new mandate/base for all encrypted communication. And sadly older windows do not support TLS 1.2. On linux, an upgraded cryptolib is a workaround. Had a tough time implementing TLS 1.2 for our customer with lot...
  9. Arv90

    English TV series discussion

    You probably fail to realize that Narcos is supposed to be a bio-pic(Biograhical film) and not a scripted fictional story that can be adapted to a viewer's interest. Do take time to cross check facts on wiki to realize how the events turned out in Illegal drug trade in Colombia and the Cartels -...
  10. Arv90

    FM2 \ FM2+ motherboard

    @chetansha Somewhere between 2-3K since a new one cost 3.5K. Its for my backup desktop.
  11. Arv90

    FM2 \ FM2+ motherboard

    Looking for a FM2+ motherboard in working condition. Preferably in warranty. Location: Mumbai
  12. Arv90

    FM2+ motherboard

    Looking for a FM2+ motherboard in working condition. Preferably in warranty. Location: Mumbai
  13. Arv90 - Feedback Thread

    You should be able to see "To extend Buyer protection for this order, click here" Purchase protection for buyers on Aliexpress
  14. Arv90 - Feedback Thread

    Extend processing time in case you still need the order. I extended my order processing time by 1 month and waited for 75 days in total and still, the order didn't turn up. Then raised a dispute and Aliexpress' site said that the supplier is supposed to respond within 5 days. Which the supplier...
  15. Arv90 - Feedback Thread

    Made an order on 27th July of 3.6$ and credit card was charged 249 Rs. Order canceled due to missing package and refund received today of 276 Rs. Thanks to the depreciating rupee;)
  16. Arv90

    Where this country is heading - do you have any hope ?

    I have been abstaining from participating in this clamor after seeing this common topic of debate everywhere. I simply realized, every political party in India has nothing to do with building the country, but make money. Friend's friend earned crores in the last Karnataka elections just...
  17. Arv90

    Why RBI not shoring up the rupee?

    Definitely not. It is all because of the notion across investors who are bearish about the Indian Economy due to recent developments One such example from this March Foreign investors stay bearish on India, pull out Rs 6,000 crore in just 6 trading days
  18. Arv90

    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    Its taken from this article written by another Indian Davos Is Narendra Modi’s Big Stage to Push a Muscular Vision of India - WSJ And like every time, to mislead everyone, the position mentioned in the chart is India's projected GDP in 2020 as per IMF At present, India is only 3rd in...
  19. Arv90

    Windows Browsers asking for captcha while opening

    Google constantly asking for Captcha to be completed
  20. Arv90

    Your thoughts on the BJP's govt. claim of "Every village in the country has been electrified."

    Nope. "Rooster taking credit for the sun rising" is a better metaphor Source: Is Modi lying about 100% Indian villages being electrified? I didn't want to take the credit for the above figure of speech :-P