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  1. swagatrath

    FS: Video Card Gigabyte G1 Gaming GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

    Used for about 2 years now. Temps while gaming never crossed 66C for me. Used it with care and cleaned off dust at regular intervals. Lost the bill but have the box. What you see in the pics is what you get. Please PM me for any queries/suggestions rather than giving the thread free bumps :)
  2. swagatrath

    FS: Desktops i5 4690k + MSI z97 PC Mate + 16GB RAM + CPU Cooler

    Specs :- Intel i5 4690k - MSI Z97 PC mate - 2 X 4GB Corsair vengeance 1600MHz C9 sticks -...
  3. swagatrath

    WTB WTB Any 600VA computer UPS

    Recently my UPS started giving backup issues so I thought the battery has died and bought a replacement. It turned out that there was a problem with the UPS itself and not the battery. Now I'm stuck with a brand new 12v 7.5Ah battery but no working UPS. Hence if anyone has a 600VA UPS lying...
  4. swagatrath

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 (Black, 4GB/32 GB) - Sold

    Selling my trusty S7 which has served me good for almost 2 years now. The phone was used with good care. Never dropped it so no dents anywhere. Always used with a back cover so back side is still as good as new. Initially I used a tempered glass on it but due to curved edges there would be...
  5. swagatrath

    FS: Mobile Xiaomi Mi 5 | 3GB/32GB

    The phone has been maintained very well with tempered glass and back cover since day one. There should be zero scratches on the display and the back side. No major dings but some minor dings and discoloration is clearly shown in the attached pics. Noteworthy specs/features:- It has OIS and...
  6. swagatrath

    FS: Mobile Xiaomi Mi 5 | 3GB/32GB

    The phone has been maintained very well with tempered glass and back cover since day one. There should be zero scratches on the display and minimal usage signs around the back and edges. Noteworthy specs/features:- It has OIS and hence it produces great pics/video Snapdragon 820 is still very...
  7. swagatrath

    FS: Home Audio Video Google Chromecast 2nd Gen (Full HD, WiFi AC)

    Selling my Chromecast 2nd Gen device as I have bought a Mi Box 3 which has built in chromecast support. Used for about 1 year and works completely fine. Please use PM for any queries/clarifications instead of spamming the sale thread.
  8. swagatrath

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate 1TB 7200RPM Drive

    This is a 7200 rpm drive. No issues whatsoever. Runs cool n quiet. Selling it just because I got a new 2TB drive in the amazon sale and don't have any more slots in my cabinet to install this one. :angelic: I had initially bought the drive from another forum member here. Original sale thread -...
  9. swagatrath

    FS: Mobile Mi 4 16GB Version - Under warranty

    Noteworthy features :- Snapdragon 801 chipset with 3GB RAM. Upgraded to MIUI 8 with Android 6. Excellent battery backup, easily lasts full day with heavy use and 2 days with moderate usage. Superb camera quality Well maintained, used tempered glass screen protector and back cover since day one...
  10. swagatrath

    PayTM duplicate transactions

    I have been using paytm wallet to make purchases for quite some time now. Recently noticed that for some of my transactions, the money is getting deducted from my wallet twice. The timestamps on these transactions are almost in the exact same second. I called up the CC number mentioned in their...
  11. swagatrath

    FS: Tablet Google Nexus 7 2013 32GB Edition

    The tab was used very rarely. It was mostly used by me to watch movies during travel and browsing the internet. There are no scratches on the screen having used with screen guard since day one. Also protective cover has prevented any scratches to the body. In short the condition is like new...
  12. swagatrath

    FS: Video Card Zotac GTX 660 (with >1 year warranty) -- Sold

    Selling my trusty gtx 660. Still has about 13 months warranty left at the time of creating this thread. It has never been serviced/RMAed. Noteworthy features :- 1. It is able to play witcher 3 @1080p giving 30 fps with medium preset. GTA 5 runs at 60fps with medium settings. 2. Temps never go...
  13. swagatrath

    FS: Cabinets Cooler Master Elite 431

    Done local deal with @itzmydamnlyf Creating this thread just for feedback purpose..
  14. swagatrath

    WTB GTX 970 / GTX 980

    Want to buy a GTX 970 or a GTX 980 with at > 1 year warranty remaining.. My budget :- 970 - 13.5k 980 - 16k If anyone is having one for sale in this budget, please PM me.. Thanks for looking..
  15. swagatrath

    FS: Games FIFA 16 - PS4

    This is my first hand copy bought from Both disc and case are in great condition. Please use PM for any queries.
  16. swagatrath

    FS: RAM Corsair 4GB Desktop RAM

    Check this link for more details n specs - In short, its a single stick 1333Mhz 4GB DDR3 desktop RAM with 9-9-9 CAS latency.
  17. swagatrath

    FS: Games Just Cause 3 - PS4

    Can trade with Black Ops 3 and NFS 2015 only... Thanks for looking and not spoiling the thread...
  18. swagatrath

    FS: Mobile Nokia Lumia 730

    Selling off my Lumia 730 mobile.. Phone is in great shape. Used tempered glass screen protector. Only minor usage marks on the back cover. No dents/bumps on the sides and edges. Noteworthy features :- Nokia branding not Microsoft Great battery life. Lasts 2 days easily with moderate usage and...
  19. swagatrath

    FS: Games Grand Theft Auto 5 - PS4

    First hand copy. The disc, the case and the map are in mint condition. Willing to trade only with FIFA 16 + cash. Please PM me for any queries/issues.
  20. swagatrath

    FS: Games Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PS4

    Both the disc and the case are in excellent condition. No scratches on the disc. Willing to trade also. Looking for these PS4 games :- 1. FIFA 16 2. Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection Hit me with your offers.