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    FS/FT: M-Audio Audiophile 2496 & MSI NX8800GT OC 512MB

    Price Drop Again!! I have all the original boxes, accessories and bills. Field|Info Product|M-Audio Audiophile 2496 Product Link|M-AUDIO - Audiophile 2496 - 4-In/4-Out Audio Card with MIDI and Digital I/O Date of Purchase|06 March 2008 (Original DOP, I got it from a TE member in Oct 2008)...
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    A540 Autofocus problem at telephoto zoom

    Yesterday I went to Aero-India 2009 There only I realized that my A540 is failing to autofocus at telephoto zoom :S (only telephoto, wide angle and macro is perfect) I tried MF also but no joy :@ Few times it managed to focus but most of the time it was out of focus :huh: I tried both...
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    Audio Urgent requirement for 2.1 for 1.5k

    As the title itself describes, need a 2.1 for general usage. Budget: around 1.5k Should be good looking with decent SQ :) Recommendations needed very quickly, as I'm going to SP Road tomorrow to buy these.
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    IC: Creative Zen MP3 Player Refurbished

    I just wanted to buy one for myself, posting it here so that other interested people can also join, and we can have a GO. :) Creative ZEN MP3 Player Refurbished - 70PF216200111-8 - Credit card sized music player Review: Creative Zen Review 4GB version, Black colour is $55.99 :ohyeah: I'll...
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    After a long long wait, Finally received 1TB Maxtor Also received CX400 today,
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    IC: Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones

    These headphones are going really very cheap Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones: Electronics Replacing Cheap Headphones - HeadRoom - Right Between Your Ears I'm thinking of getting one for myself, if anybody else is also interested, we can save on the shipping part :)...
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    PC Peripherals Mic not working in Vista

    I'm using Vista Ultimate 64 bit. Sound Hardware: Onboard Realtek ALC888 & Live 24 bit Headset : Logitech Premium Stereo & Moserbaer Ok the problem is Mic is not working. :huh: I tried to use all combinations of the hardware to crosscheck if there is some problem in hardware part, but No joy...
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    Help on checking my broadband speed

    I'm on an Airtel 256kbps unlimited download plan. I used to get download speed of around 28-30kbps. But today I noticed, I was getting download speed of around 120-130kbps :ohyeah: I tried to check it online Means what?? Has my plan upgraded to 2mbps? ;) Any help on this will be...
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    Graphic Cards GPU for Street Racing Games

    Requirements I'll be using it for street racing games like NFS, Grid, Dirt etc. @1680x1050, a very-2 few FPS, FPS @lower resolutions will also do. So Now I actually don't wanna spend on more than what I need it for. ;) Budget is not kinda fixed say would spend whatever is needed for what I...
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    The "X"

    Got the XBox 360 controller for windows and a Motorola Stereo Headset for my Reliance LG RD3500, got it from croma for just 99/- :ohyeah: Few pics:
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    NiMH Batteries, Charger, SD card, Screen Protector

    As the tilte says I need NiMH Batteries & Charger, SD card and Screen Protector for my A540. 1. NiMH battery - 4 Nos. Which is better? NH-AA-B4E : Battery : Battery & Charger : Sony India Features Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable AA Battery 4 Pack 2500mAh Capacity Suitable for All Sony...
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    WTB: 9600GT or Better

    As the titles says, want 9600GT or Better Card for 22". Should be comfortable on VX450. ;) PM me your offer guys :hap2:
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    Want an upgrade from A540

    I've been using A540 for more than one and half year now. I'm pretty happy with the IQ it produces, but for the sake of change (for Better IQ and Manual Control) I want an upgrade now.;) So which is the cheapest P&S cam which can give better IQ and manual control over A540? Or no P&S can, but...
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    Need a digicam for low light and manual control

    Hi guys, Need a digicam recommendation for a friend. Budget: Around 15k Requirements: 1. Manual controls 2. Low light shooting I have no idea of digicams coming these days, so help :D I was just wondering which is the sheapest decent DSLR camera and Price? :S say 20k for a DSLR one ;)
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    PC Peripherals No display, help needed?

    my rig is as below: E7200 GA-G31M-S2L Transcend 2x2GB 800MHz WD6400AAKS Samsung SH-S223F VX450 Now I replaced G31M with EG31M and everything is working fine. Problem is with the rig I moved G31M in. It's spec are: E2160 GA-G31M-S2L Transcend 1x2GB 800MHz WD6400AACS Samsung SH-S223F...
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    PC Peripherals Which SATA II cable and which motherboard?

    First Query I have two sata II cables, one which came along the motherboard (Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L), and another with Samsung SH-S223F DVD-RW. now lable on the cables are as below: (Motherboard) 2725 E209329 RU AWM 80C 30V VW-1 Serial ATA 26AWG LIAN FENG (DVD-RW) Serial ATA 26AWG E74020-C RU...
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    PC Peripherals A Budget CPU and Fan

    Hi guys, 1. One more visit to SP Road tomorrow for buying a pc for a friend. He wants something from Intel. what he needs is a all components of the CPU box and no speakers, monitor etc. Budget - 13k max. Things finalised are: Zebronics Bijli w/ bundled PSU - 1.5k WD6400AAKS - 3.8k Samsung...
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    Audio Sound Card

    HI guys, I've recently bought a new rig. Configuration: E7200 GA-G31M-S2L Transcend 2x2GB 800MHz WD6400AAKS Samsung SH-S223F Bijli VX450 Logitech Multimedia MX518 Samsung 226BW MX5021 APC 650VA Onboard sound on this G31 mobo is not at all good, It's worst I think :( . So looking for a cheap...
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    My Rig

    After a long wait I bought my 2nd rig (1st is at home) :D . It was bought on 25th Aug. Updating it now because I got internet connection a couple of days back only. Configuration: E7200 - 5.1k GA-G31M-S2L - 2.6k Transcend 2x2GB 800MHz (was able to locate powerchip) - 3.4k WD6400AAKS - 3.65k...
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    PC Peripherals Help with Corsair VX450

    Many members here are using VX450, so I'm. I've APC 650VA Back up UPS. so now problem is how to connect PSU power cord to UPS, since PSU has a 13amp power plug (big one) and UPS has 6amp power socket (medium one) :huh: . Options are: 1. Use a 15amp to 5amp converter (looks safer to me since...