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  1. arpan

    Request your products here

    Hi everyone :), Please let us know here what computer products you want to buy and we will try to get the best deals. This will also help us understand what to stock and what not to stock. Currently ,we can only get stuff that is available with the distributors...
  2. arpan

    SoundMagic IEM's [ PL13, PL18, PL21, E 10M, EH 11M ]

    SoundMagic IEM's @ Awesome price { Back In Stock } Tech Xtreme IN-EAR PL13 @ Rs.590 + shipping Details : SoundMAGIC Technology Development Co., Ltd. ES 18 [green-black, Red-black, Orange-black] @ Rs. 625 + Shipping ES10 [Black, White ] @ Rs.670 + Shipping PL20 @ Rs.1125 +...
  3. arpan

    CM STORM GAMING PRODUCTS [Mice,Keyboard,Headphone & Laptop Cooler]

    CM STORM GAMING PRODUCTS MICE Xornet @ Rs.1780 + shipping http://www.cmstorm.c...pherals/Xornet/ SPAWN @ Rs. 2247 + shipping http://www.cmstorm.c...ipherals/spawn/ Inferno @ Rs. 3087 + shipping http://www.cmstorm.c...herals/inferno/ Sentinel Zero-G @ Rs. 3560 + shipping...
  4. arpan

    Cyborg Gaming Products

    Cyborg Gaming Products Cyborg V.7 Gaming Keyboard @ Rs. 5660 /- + Shipping Review : http://www.hitechleg...eyboard?start=8 Specifications: http://www.cyborggam.&#[member='466dave'];&#[member='466dave'];/v7keyboard.htm Cyborg R.A.T. 3 Gaming Mouse - 3200 DPI @ Rs. 3980 /- + Shipping...
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    HIS ATI GRAPHIC CARDS HD7970 3GB DDR5 @ Rs. 34,325 + SHIPPING HD7950 ICEQ 3GB DDR5 @ RS.28,025 + SHIPPING HD7950 3GB DDR5 @ Rs. 26,975 + SHIPPING HD7870 ICEQ 2GB DDR5 @ Rs. 22,250 + SHIPPING HD7850 2GB DDR5 @ Rs.14,900 + SHIPPING HD7770 iCooler...
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    DEEPCOOL COOLING PRODUCTS CHASIS FANS UF 120 : RS : 675 + Shipping ICE BLADE FAN : RS : 470 + shipping XFAN120L/R : Rs : 350 + shipping...
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    Warm Welcome To Everyone From

    Hello TE Members , It brings us great joy to introduce you to TechXtreme. is a new Firm started by us which will provide an entirely new experience to customers. We believe in the saying " Customer is King" and know what customer satisfaction really means. So please feel...
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    TechXtreme brings you Seasonic Power Supplies At Best Prices Exclusively For TE members SS-400ES ( 430W POWER SUPPLY W/80+ BRONZE CERTIFICATION ) Rs: 2562 + Shipping S12II-430 ( 400W POWER SUPPLY W/80+ CERTIFICATION ) Rs: 3087 + Shipping S12II-520 (520W POWER SUPPLY W/80+ BRONZE...
  9. arpan

    Ps 3 + MOVE + Samsung 32 " LED TV = GAMING MADNESS

    Had bought all of these a week ago from Malaysia and Bangkok : PS3 160GB SLIM 1 Dual Shock Controller Move Pack Samsung Series 5 Led TV 32" :)
  10. arpan

    My New Italian Jet !!!!

    Hi guys !! Just got it and thought of sharing with you all :) Hope you guys like it !!! Fiat Linea T-jet +
  11. arpan

    Panasonic Zs7 and few other stuff

    Hi guys !! This is my first thread in the SHOW-OFF section. Asked a friend to get these along as he was returning from U.S. Just love the performance of the camera. :) Hope you guys like it.. Pics taken from my Samsung Wave.. Products: Panasonic zs7. Transcend USB card reader...
  12. arpan

    Graphic Cards Will GTX 460 1 gb Botteleneck my rig ?

    I just have planned to get a new MSI HAWx 460 gtx 1gb, but am little confused and worried that it will bottleneck my E8400 @ 4.0 GHz. The rest of the components are listed in my signature. Also wanted to know whether my current VX450 would be able to handle the whole setup. And should i go...
  13. arpan

    Warranty help required

    My cousin just bought ASUS EAH5770 CUCORE and M4A88TD-M EVO/USB3 How much warranty do we get on ASUS graphic cards and motherboards ? Thanks in advance:)
  14. arpan

    Is This configuration good?

    Hi Guys!! Planning to build a Gaming Rig For my friend. Budget: 50,000 - 53,000. Q: What is your budget? 53000 Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) none Q: Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and...
  15. arpan

    Please suggest a gaming rig for ~ Rs 1,15,000 [max].[excluding monitor]

    Hi guys !! Want to build a gaming rig for ~ Rs. 1,15,000 for a friend. He plans to connect it to a LED TV. This is what i have thought of buying: • Q: What is your budget? a. 1,15,000 • Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand...
  16. arpan

    Carrier vs Voltas AC 2Ton [SPLIT]

    HI Guys!! I need your help in deciding one amongst these two AC's. 1. > Carrier Duracool Plus 2tonn 2. > Voltas Vertis Gold 2tonn I will be installing one of these in my Gaming Cafe, which will have 10 computers. I have no idea which one is better so need your suggestions:) Thanks in...
  17. arpan

    Storage Solutions Right angled sata cable

    Where can i buy Right angled sata cable in mumbai? Something like this: - D&S Cable 30" SATA Cable Model 1SAC-1R230 - Cables Reason: My GPU is blocking two sata ports:@ Thanks:)
  18. arpan

    Lan Gaming Question

    Hello Everyone!!! Is this the best switch for Lag free Gaming: Dlink DSS-16+ 16-Port 10/100 Desktop Switch D-Link DSS-16+ 16-Port 10/100 Desktop Switch Will the network experience any type of lag with 12 computers [ gaming ] connected to it? Thanks:)
  19. arpan

    PC Peripherals Help in building a Gaming Rig for 35k

    Hi guys, Please suggest me the best Gaming Rig for 35k. This is what i configured: Core 2 Duo 2.80Ghz E7400 - (3MB L2 cache 2.80Ghz 1066MHz) ~5875 Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L Intel® P43 + ICH10 Chipset 1600 OC FSB ~5500 Corsair DDR 2 CM2X1024-6400 (1GB X 2 DDR2 800MHz XMS2) 950*2...